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The Current HighUP

posted 17 Jan 2014, 02:44 by Evert Bez   [ updated 17 Jan 2014, 02:49 ]

Running APM 3.1 RC8 and she is AWESOME ! Had her out last weekend in a windless day and WOW ! Just hangs there in loiter ! The best ever , I say this again , now she is the best I ever had her !

Images are a bit large patient while downloading pls ..

HighUP -Aerial Photography

The Gimbal is this one from Goodluck Buy , although every thing I ever order from them came , they made me uncomfortable ...just that something... cant really put my finger on it , so maybe take this as a warning ...rethink buying from Goodluck Buy ?
Gimbal works well although I am only using 2 axis's.
HighUP - Aerial Photography

Led strips and controller was bought from Hobbyking , works well and looks oh so COOL !

HighUP - Aerial Photography
ISO 100 , Night time shot ...

HighUP - Aerial Photography

Also one change I made ...Now running 12x4.5 Inch carbon props , this allow me to get the throttle back to 50% for hover ...the motors are running warm which is a bit of a worry and something I will monitor , meaning I hope it does not seize up while flying ... those are 850KV motors . HEY ecalc reckons it can handle the props !

New Video's

posted 2 Jan 2014, 01:14 by Evert Bez

HighUP got some new video's ...

The better quality video's are on Vimeo ...

HighUP at the Farm
Click Below ........

Flying at the Farm

Flying at the Farm  ( YouTube Video)

Flying at SCARF

Flying at SCARF ( YouTube Video)

Carbon Fibre Propellers

posted 2 Sep 2013, 03:08 by Evert Bez

Carbon Fibre propellers was put on HighUP. , I don’t know if I want to or if its a fact , but copter feels more responsive AND I'm sure less noise is also generated ....  I think ...

Carbon Props on HighUP 3DR C-Frame Quad

Adding External LED Indicators to APM 2.5

posted 28 Aug 2013, 01:50 by Evert Bez   [ updated 28 Aug 2013, 02:06 ]

"When you turn on the APM, you the LEDs will stay off until it is booted, then will flash the same as the on-board ones. When a GPS lock is achieved, the GPS LED will stay lit. When the bird is armed, the red LED will blink out and once it is fully armed, it will light a solid red. The beeper will beep twice on arming, and once on disarm."

I've done this mod ...Link To PAGE  All respect and due's to Scott Berfield

See video at the bottom of post ...I placed my Led's in the Arm's .. Got made up LEDs with resistors on EBAY

Go to the parameters list and find LED_Mode. I changed mine to 115 since I don’t have a Beeper .... If you need explanation go to the above page ...

LED pin outs

Bit Number

7              6              5              4              3              2              1              0

0              0              0              0              0              0              0              1      =      1              Motor LEDs On/Off

0              0              0              0              0              0              1              0      =      2              GPS On/Off

0              0              0              0              0              1              0              0      =      4              AUX Function On/Off

0              0              0              0              1              0              0              0      =      8              Beeper On/Off

0              0              0              1              0              0              0              0      =      16            Low Battery Flash – fast/slow

0              0              1              0              0              0              0              0      =      32            Motor LEDs NAV blink On/Off

0              1              0              0              0              0              0              0      =      64            GPS LEDs Nav Blink On/Off

1              0              0              0              0              0              0              0      =      128          Not used

New Landing Gear

posted 19 Aug 2013, 22:43 by Evert Bez   [ updated 20 Aug 2013, 22:14 ]

So after the demise of the AlWare landing gear HighUP needed new legs ...SO MANY OPTIONS and some at such ridiculous prices ! EBAY ! , yes I could get it slightly for less from Goodluck Buy web store but buying from them through Ebay give me that peace of mind that I could claim my money back . Don't know but places like Goodluck Buy and Banggood make me nervous although my dealings with them so far has all been good.

So order was placed and received 3 weeks later , Good on you Goodluck Buy ! a New set of ATG Universal DIY FPV ANTI-Vibration Multifunction Landing Skid Kit with PTZ for DJI F450 F550 Quadcopter Hexacopter was here and ready to be installed.

ATG landing Gear - SCARF
Package Arrived Brown Bubble wrap envelope ...Not sure I liked that , mine was actually ripped on the one side , too much potential to loose something ! Fortunately all was still there.

ATG-Landing Gear Assembled - Scarf

Close Up of ATG Mount on 3DR Quad

I drilled holes into mounting plate and used the existing holes in Fuse plate ...Yeah I know , not sure how strong the Nylon Standoffs will be , had rubber anti-vibration ones before and in the crash those ripped off , thinking these might work ...I HOPE

ATG Landing Gear Mounted on 3DR Quad - SCARF

Mounted ,I notice a bit of movement in the mounting plate so I added the two black pieces of rubber pads next to the Nylon Standoffs , this looks like it works well because it kind-off give a anti shock effect and a little bit of movement for landing and takeoff .

HighUP- ATG landing Gear - SCARF

So far so good , I like them , Must still build PTZ GoPro mount , must admit I don’t have much hope that it would be any good , but we will see ...

EDIT : PTZ build done , again not sure what quality this thing is going to be but really , I'm not expecting awesome stuff.

PTZ ATg landing Gear - SCARF

PTZ ATG landing Gear - SCARF

accX/Y/Z Values and 6 Mode Switch on 9X

posted 29 Jul 2013, 02:45 by Evert Bez   [ updated 29 Jul 2013, 03:05 ]

So , I crashed HighUP :-( ....  All because of the Rotary knob (grrr)  , Me not knowing where it was , thinking it was in Loiter , it was actually in Auto !!! thus it wanted to do way-point flying  , which was 30 Km Away .... fortunately (sadly) it flew into my buildings wall , just . It nearly went over it , and that would have been bad ! Took a 6 meter drop onto cement ..TERRIBLE sound ! This is my first crash since I started with ArduCopter ... So 9 months + . Damage , The Alware landing gear (sad they where awesome)   , 4 props and FPV camera servo broken ...not bad,  going on how it sounded .

Lesson learned , I now use Switches .... I tried this page but this did not work for me but this image by Chris Huitema did work for me ...

eepe - 6 modes  er9x

Replace the broken landing gear with original and original props and was flying same afternoon ....

Here's my IMU (Raw) readings ... ( In terminal , logs > enable imu )
AccX ArduCopter

Above / below is the IMU reading AccX/Y  - The AccX and AccY values (primarily used for horizontal position control) should be between -3 and +3 m/s/s , The accelerometer values will change momentarily as the copter moves up and down .

AccY Arducopter

Now if I'm not mistaken or reading this wrong ...this is good ? !!  To read more on what this should be go READ HERE

AccZ - Arducopter

And AccZ - AccZ should be between -15 and -5 m/s/s.

Vibration Dampening Efforts

posted 17 Jul 2013, 00:55 by Evert Bez   [ updated 5 Aug 2013, 22:24 ]

So we all know this , " YOU HAVE TO ELIMINATE VIBRATION " in the new ArduCopter-3.0.1 software/firmware release . EDIT : To see results CLICK HERE

Below a few Pictures of my efforts so far ...
Arducopter Vibration efforts
The APM is mounted on Soft double sided Rubber tape on to the Range Video Vibration Dampener
Range Video Vibration Mount

The Mount in turn is mounted again on 4 ear-buds cut shorter , to be exact these where one's I got from a Virgin Atlantic flight some time ago ...soft stuff.

Eliminating Vibration

Tried to make all cables going to APM to be flexible , not stiff ...
EDIT : 06/08/2013 .. Here's a link to a Interesting site with lots of good tips on APM ... see all those wires from Receiver to APM ... I now have only three wire's going there with help from above site ... Yeah I know CCPM will have me using one ...question though you trust it ?

APM Eliminating Vibration

Here is a page where they discuss different ways of mountings to reduce Vibration .... So out of the Three they suggest I got two ..

Another Page Discussing Vibration Control ...

ACC Vibration Control - A site selling some interesting products ...

Now to Test ....
EDIT : To see results CLICK HERE

Y6 flown at the Hospital where Mandela is ...

posted 8 Jul 2013, 04:41 by Evert Bez

and by doing this you now putting our hobby squarely in the spot light in South Africa , you Mr. FC Hamman is a ass , what did you think would happen ?? Oh and you can thank me later for putting links to your pages and making you more famous...

PRETORIA (Reuters) - South African police on Friday detained the owner of a radio-controlled helicopter drone carrying a camera that was filming scenes around the Pretoria hospital where ailing anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela is being treated.

F.C. Hamman, a South African freelance film-maker, was escorted away by police along with the helicopter camera he was flying with his 21-year-old son Timothy outside the clinic where Mandela, 94, has spent three weeks with a lung infection.

After nearly four hours of questioning by police, Hamman was released but the drone camera was confiscated. ( Rest of the story here)

Hamman said he flew a multicopter with a camera which was not an uncommon practice for production companies.

"The footage is beautiful and I hope that at some stage the media and public will be able to see it," he said.

The arrest came after Mandela's eldest daughter, Makaziwe, on Thursday criticised media for the manner in which they covered Mandela's stay in Pretoria's Heart hospital. ( Rest of the story here )

"You need a permit to fly one of those things," said lieutenant Jake Mander, the arresting officer on scene. "Or something like that. We're not actually sure. We've got some people googling it."   and for a Humorous look at the above ( Read Here )

Respect to Rapport ...

CellPhone Mounting on TX Radio

posted 12 Jun 2013, 22:58 by Evert Bez   [ updated 13 Jun 2013, 04:00 ]

I started using Droidplanner and Andropilot on my Cell Phone , a AWESOME Samsung Note II ... This is what I did with it to have it a glance away ...

AndroPilot - Scarf

I got this mount on E-Bay ... Cost me $4.99 , At least the Rand Dollar then was not too bad ... so cheap really ..
Car Mount - Ebay - SCARF

Car Mount - Samsung

The Bending part I then broke by wiggling it back and forth till it broke close to the top part I wanted to use ...It is a Aluminium cable , so no real effort . Drilled the left over part out from the top through the plastic .

Scarf Turnigy 9x


Then I got a big screw , opened up the Turnigy 9X and drilled a hole through and mounted it with the big screw. The mounting is high enough to still allow easy access to all switches and most importantly the 6 way Rotary switch to set modes ...

What is nice is that I can remove all parts till only the Stub is left ...

Scarf - Andropilot - Mounting

Scarf - Droidplanner - Mounting

I now need to get a shorter USB cable .....

Got to love these cheap TX Radio's , you don’t really care to drill holes in them  , and in the Case of the 9X with the FrSky TX , a real gem of a Radio ...

Hubsan X4 --- Hyper Cool !

posted 17 Apr 2013, 03:48 by Evert Bez

Hubsan X4

Received mine Yesterday ... and this little thing is AWESOME ! ...well the flying part is ...the controller (TX) though ..grr..

After inserting batteries in to the controller the only thing on it's display was the battery level , nothing else ! No red light at on/off switch , nothing else on LCD ! This thing is dead.

Now sending this thing back will probably cost me more than to buy a new one , BangGood with their free shipping !

One option then really ! Open it up time ....

Hubsan X4 TX Open

The six screws was removed and on closer inspection ...this board WILL have dry joints .

I re-soldered everything I could and low and behold ...IT works ...well till this morning when it again did not power up ....grrrr , I left it in the sun and there you go ...power ! something is not making contact!

Anyway , will try and fix tonight , again ... My Soldering skills are not the best around ...lets hope.

As far a flying "normal" mode I actually had a hard time controlling the quad moved too slow , too much stick movement to get it to move , does not feel right when you use to RC ...but ! now you can set this , the manual is excellent (for a Chinese translation ),  there is more !  OH BOY ! in Expert ! This quad flies like a real one ! and it's quick ! so , expert mode all the time ...reaction is immediate ..the way I like it .
Hubsan X4

I did the Strawmod to make sure the motors don't press through .. Also already damaged one arm . So I committed to some extra props , motors and body from BangGood for $10 .

In the end If I cant get the controller(TX) right I will just get a new one ...
It is worth it , this is a AWESOME flier !

Hubsan X4 straw Mod

I cut the Straw at 7mm ....

Hubsan X4 Straw Mod

Links to RC Groups MODS for Hubsan X4

Also bought the LadyBug landing gear which I just Super Glued on to the frame of Hubsan

Just on its flying prowess , a highly recommended Copter !

Oh ...did I mention ..It's SMALL !


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