Camera on a Glider Flying at SCARF (Video)

posted 13 Apr 2011, 03:40 by Evert Bez   [ updated 14 Apr 2011, 07:23 ]

This is Dennis from DENKIT flying his Thunder Tiger 2 meter glider with a Fly Cam One V2 camera... Nice and small unit , get it from Denkit for R499.00 . 

If this is not good enough for you they also have other more amazing and higher spec cameras. The new  Fly Cam One HD for R2499-00. They also have  transmitters en receiver which allow you to view live from the planes view while you flying , thus like you in the plane , you wearing goggles(LCD Glasses)


More info at

Very interesting to see what our planes normally fly over , also how we actually do fly over Sid's house , way easier than we think ! 

The video is actually 24Min long , Dennis picked up good lift over the gorge but video is a first time effort so a bit to much cane , I "chopped" the video to only the last 7 or so minutes. Next time Dennis will move Camera to point a bit more to the horizon ...

Thanks Dennis , nice one !