RC Event at Zwartkops

posted 29 Aug 2011, 23:31 by Evert Bez   [ updated 29 Aug 2011, 23:52 ]
Somewhere in July I had the opportunity to go to a RC event at Zwartkops in Pretoria. Entry was R30 which allowed you to drive in to the base and close enough to the models. At my time of arrival it was COLD ! Really cold and with almost no hair to keep the scalp warm I did not stay to  long .

Below a series of photos of some of the planes there ...If I'm wrong ..let me know ..or not ...

Stuka , Still to be assembled.

Mirage Israeli Mirage ?
Mirage Backend
Real Mirage Mirage , a REAL one ...Note writing on side ..
World Fastest Dairy TruckMilkTruck
Real MirageInteresting Face ...