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FPV and MinimOSD

posted 28 Jan 2013, 03:04 by Evert Bez   [ updated 20 Mar 2013, 00:41 ]
This turned out to be quite a thing to do ...Mainly the MinimOSD that was the issue ....

Got it on a sale from 3DR , can I just also quickly mentioned , dealing with 3DRobotics sales is frustrating , quite frankly service at 3dr SUCK ! but this will be for a post later (no reply on email queries ! ) ... I recommend  buying  this one ... read on..

After slavishly following the Wiki ....I got a Black Screen and nothing showing on Attitude's

The FatShark Attitude FPV Goggles is my first set so I got no standard to measure them against , none the less I found them to be neat looking and nice to the touch . I'll get back to the MinimOSD just now ...

One thing that happened to me when first looking through these goggles was that I saw two separate images and not one ....UGGGHH

, Paid so much and its not working !! , anyway , after reading up on the net it seems this is called Paralax error..

 “Parallax error (n): The difference between what the lens sees and what you see through the camera’s viewfinder; especially pronounced at longer focal lengths and with closer subjects.” ...

Okay turned out I had to look at something further away and not at my wall 2 meters away ....relief !

Back to
the MinimOSD , "Black screen MinimOSD" was typed into Google and as I read on I started to get ticked of ...this is a regular thing !  WHY ? , I followed the WIKI ! 

After awhile I came across this post and did what was recommended and  phew!  ...IT  works ! 

Basically you need to solder the two Blobs ...

Then just Remove 12V from board , It will be powered from the APM's 5V rail ... I had a working MinimOSD ... !

Fatshark 250mw  TX

Fatshark 250mw TX Mounted  on aluminum arm of quad , away from other electronics ...,

HeatSink cover was removed and placed against the aluminum Arm of quad ...this should help with heat issues , also it being underneath the prop wash can do harm .

 Spironet antenna bend down , hoping to get good reception ..

Still got to replace big tie wraps for thinner ones ...

EDIT : 13/02/2013 ...Might not be good Idea to have TX on the one arm , Copter now got slight wobble when in loiter which I assume is because of it not having it's CG 100% correct.. Have to rethink mounting of FPV TX

Camera and minimOSD

MinimOSD supplied with Upright Connectors !  Really ! why not side entry ones ...Have to fix this still ..

Next Head tracking ...
: 13/02/2013 , Head tracking Works , also mixed in Trim Pots on 9x Er9X to move camera ....
EDIT:   20/03/2013  .. Setup has changed considerably ...this post is old , check out newer post of all the changes

A World of wires  !

Now waiting for good weather to test ....