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JR XG8 6 Flight Modes ..

posted 17 Oct 2012, 23:31 by Evert Bez   [ updated 5 Nov 2012, 01:01 ]
After Trawling the Internet and asking for help on how to do this with ArduCopter and the APM and getting no reply or answers for days ... I got it working for me last night ....I Think...

UPDATE 05 November 2012 :
Nope ...this is not 100% , tested it and could not get Quad to go to Auto mode .... I have to relook this ...maybe someone else can get it to work ...FEEDBACK would be welcome ...


Right ...Safety First know what can happen if those props spin up , be careful !

On your  JR XG8 TX

Travel Adjust
Gear +55 , -65
Flap U100 , D150

Master - Flap

Slave - Gear

SW Sel 1/3 All Selected ,2/3 Gear and Flap - 0,1,2 Selected

Pos0 - U+90 , D-90
Pos1 - U+110 , D+125

OffSet  +50

Oh and in FM settings rename the 3 modes to be something it will be ...Mine -  Stabil,AltHol,RTL  (Gear Switch)

I do not claim this to be exact , I was just looking at the APM and changing the values ...At the end I had the Flap+Gear position 0 (UP) set to stabilize , Moving the flap switch moved me to the next flight mode and the next ...and Gear moved me to its assigned modes..

So, I now have , Flap - Stabilize , Loiter , Auto and on the Gear Switch - Stabilize , Alt-Hold and RTL. Obviously you can assign what you want to them through the APM.

Six Modes ...mmm not really,  5 but sure someone can work more on it to get 6 to work , Think it a good idea though to have Stabilize on both switches.

I suppose you can change to which ever switch you want , Aux2 might be a good option also.