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Turnigy 9X / FrSky Transmitter

posted 17 Jan 2013, 23:04 by Evert Bez   [ updated 29 Jul 2013, 03:08 ]
After almost three months waiting for FrSky modules to arrive from Aloft Hobbies HighUp is flying again. The DHT-U transmitter was soldered into the Turnigy 9X , I still got to spend some time on the setup and understanding it but for now it's working ..
HighUp Turnigy 9x

The Turnigy radio was extensively "modded" (right word)  ...

ER9X Software loaded ,  replacing the software that comes with the standard transmitter with a more powerful and flexible version.  This is Awesome stuff ! the abilities of this cheap transmitter now becomes on par with Top of the range transmitters , WAY better than my previous JR8 !
Up to 16 Models in memory Up to 16 output channels Multi-level mixes Any function can be assigned to any output 5pt and 9pt curves, variable sound, frsky telemetry support and much much more!  And this for Only $50 ...

Well , not quite ... to put the software on you will need a Programmer ...In my case since I did not want to do the soldering needed I ordered a SmartiePart board which is a Screw on/in..more or less. That was $35 ..

But hang on ...the screen , difficult to read when its dark problem , just add the back light ...Well this is also a DIY project . A bit more difficult but doable ..Buy from Hobby King for $5.

HighUp Turnigy 9x

Let us not forget... The battery tray in this radio suck , an LiFe battery was put in , giving many hours of use ! $15

Running eepe the radio can be configured from your PC and the newest updates of the Radio Firmware can be automatically downloaded and installed on the Transmitter .This program is targeted as an editor for EEPROM files generated by the er9x FW. Again really cool stuff that most High end transmitters do not have ... oh , ER9x and eepe is Open Source software , free for use etc ...

Turnigy 9x with FrSky DHT-U

Thats the FRSky DHT-U transmitter on the top of radio $60 with receiver and programing usb cable.

But Hang on ... SIX MODES in Arducopter ... See the pot top left , thats a six way switch ...a bit of a thing to put in and adjust but at this time for me its working , I have six modes on HighUp ...

UNIVERSAL Mode switch 6 POSITIONS - ArduCopter ArduPilot - DIY VERSION ,  $10

EDIT : 29 July 2013 - This switch caused me to crash my Copter - READ HERE , think twice before you go for this !!!

  • This switch is a 6 position rotary knob, that allows you to assign a flight mode on Ardupilot for each of the 6 positions.
  • Easily switch between flight modes in the field, with confidence that you know your current mode !
  • NEW: Allows you to set manually the exact PWM for each of the 4 middle modes ! (first and last modes will give minimum and maximum PWM)
  • This switch uses accurate resistors at precise values to achieve the exact values the Ardupilot needs for keeping in the middle of a position.
  • Much safer to use than a continuous knob, and much easier than combining 2 switches !
How to use ?
  • You only need some basic soldering skills !
  • this switch is made for replacing any continuous knob on your radio transmitter. (for example: 'PIT TRIM'  knob on your Turnigy  9X radio.)
  • installing is just as easy as opening the radio, unsoldering the old knob, and placing the new switch
  • While the TX is still opened, monitor the PWM values on the Ardupilot  software, and adjust the small trimmers for setting each position desired PWM value.

And then of course , there is the bling , to try and make a bland looking radio a bit less bland ....

Price for everything  , About $160 ,  shipping Cost ...$40 , so , this Cheap radio now cost $ 200  ...Still good for what you get ! ...Thats a FULL House 8 Channel Transmitter with Telemetry enabled options for just under R2000 ...

Turnigy 9x

All the above of course is now not needed any more because there is a new 9XR which have all the above functions build in for the same amazing price !! $56

No added parts like above necessary , all there already ! (Not six way Switch and FrSky though ..)

The Turnigy 9XR ...

Turnigy 9XR