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an Epic Struggle ...and Expensive ..

posted 20 Mar 2013, 01:11 by Evert Bez   [ updated 20 Mar 2013, 01:59 ]
I will do this post in bits .....

So the APM browns out when I connect the two servo's from the JDrones Gimbal , Not a problem ..get a BEC (Battery Eliminating Circuit.) ...Which I did , and promptly blew the BEC and my Attopilot Current Sensor 90A when I connected negative to positive on my main battery !

For you that don't know what the heck is a BEC? Battery Eliminator Circuits devices that eliminate the need for a receiver and servo battery pack. They draw higher voltage from the motor batteries and drop it to a voltage level that is suitable for your receiver and servos.

I'm using this one ...

But before I knew it was the Attopilot I went ahead and ordered a new APM2.5+ thinking that I popped it ....aaaaagghh ! TIP -  Go to bed first and think/sleep things through before you act.
Next day I started testing to only realized I made a Expensive purchase that I don't need where am I going to use the new APM ..mmmm?

Regarding the BROWN out of the APM ...

Warning: When using the APM Power Module or other dual supply setup with JP1 off, don't connect power from the CH10 & 11 connector to the servos, just use the signal lines. Power the servos via PWM Outputs connector. Alternatively if you have digital servos you can assign the gimbal roll/tilt to RC5 to RC8 outputs, if they are free. These solutions will avoid the scenario that can possibly happen when the Pan/Tilt servo draw too much current and cause the APM to brownout (reset)


So this Bla Bla above  meant for me to just put Signal Wires on A10 and A11 and run the Black and Red wires from the BEC ...Problem sorted .. Check out this Page   With JP1 on or off mine was still browning out . ?

Also Just adding the Pic of the board ...I needed to reference this a few times and easier if its on my own post ..