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Order Placed - 08/31/2012 - 3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame

posted 16 Sep 2012, 23:39 by Evert Bez   [ updated 16 Sep 2012, 23:40 ]
I Placed the Order for 1 of these 3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame + Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit [GPS Module:Mediatek GPS module][Motor type:Motor AC2830-358, 850Kv][Propeller size:APC Propeller set, 10X47 SFP Style] 08/31/2012

After placing order I started waiting ...3D Robotics got a BAD thing going on their ordering system , When I placed my order there where only 6 units left , Phew , just in time I thought ...later the weekend I notice they now have 11 available ...huh ...??

Also below quantity they said , Shipping the 12 of September 2012 ...Doesn't that mean that you in fact don't have stock? ... confusing and not the way to run on-line shop. My view.

And the Worry start ...The 12 and 13th came and Nothing a quick mail to 3D Robotics and low and behold , a quick reply , I believe generic , you send this to all waiting to find out about shipping ...but well done none the less ... e-mail replies ...keep people happy.

"As of now, your order has not been shipped. Yesterday we began to ship the orders containing any of the Arducopter Kits. When your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification along with your tracking number.

Best regards, Chris

3DRobotics "

It  seems some changes was done to the frame ... all good ..I hope ..

Below is a post by 3D Robotics (Click Here to go to page)

Updated ArduCopter Kits!

3DR ArduCopter kits are back in stock at the 3D Robotics store. The kits have gone through a slight redesign both in mechanical design and documentation. Our new facility in Tijuana, Mexico as well as better suppliers for parts have allowed us to greatly improve the quality of these kits as well as offer them at lower prices. The new frames also look stunning!

The main change to both of the kits is the new arms, the arms are now 40mm shorter which translates to about 10 grams less per arm. This allows for the motor cables to be shorter and reduce the weight of the vehicle overall. The motors are no longer mounted through the entire cross section of the arm which caused the old 3DR arms to sink, the motors are now mounted to the top face of the arm providing a better mounting surface. The two frames are significantly smaller and will allow for easier transportation. The arms now come in two colors, blue and black. Each kit will contain 2 blue arms and a spare black arm (3 black arms for the Quad kit and 5 black arms for the hexa kit), this will allow you to build your vehicle in either + or x configuration with the front indicated by a blue arm(s).The center plates on the Hexa-B have been redesigned to accommodate for the shorter arms and large props.

The manuals for both of the kits have been re-written, we took all your feedback and produced a better set of assembly and set-up instructions. 3DR will also be providing a parameter file for these specific frames and keep it current as the code evolves to provide the best possible performance with these frames. The first iteration of this param file should be available shortly.

The full flight electronics quad and hexa kit have been upgraded to APM2.5.

Get the Manual here
Download new param file.