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Arrived - Sept 18th

posted 18 Sep 2012, 05:25 by Evert Bez
Well , got my package this morning around 11...

Notice on waybill that the Customs was worked out on yesterdays Rand to Dollar value. R8.38 to $1 , when I bought it was R8.10 ....

Box seems in good enough condition , taken how far it traveled ...

ohhh , In side , only one small piece of Bubble wrap !

Not enough Protection for the inside stuff ! Everything inside can move around !  More protection needed 3D Robotics !!

All the items inside , Seems okay ...Time will tell if all there ... I'm impress with the size of the Ardu board and GPS vs the 2009 Paparzzi I got.

Motors are small ! I guess it's normal , just I'm use to bigger ones in all my electrics .

Will take photo's of individual components as soon as I unpack more..