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Y6 flown at the Hospital where Mandela is ...

posted 8 Jul 2013, 04:41 by Evert Bez
and by doing this you now putting our hobby squarely in the spot light in South Africa , you Mr. FC Hamman is a ass , what did you think would happen ?? Oh and you can thank me later for putting links to your pages and making you more famous...

PRETORIA (Reuters) - South African police on Friday detained the owner of a radio-controlled helicopter drone carrying a camera that was filming scenes around the Pretoria hospital where ailing anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela is being treated.

F.C. Hamman, a South African freelance film-maker, was escorted away by police along with the helicopter camera he was flying with his 21-year-old son Timothy outside the clinic where Mandela, 94, has spent three weeks with a lung infection.

After nearly four hours of questioning by police, Hamman was released but the drone camera was confiscated. ( Rest of the story here)

Hamman said he flew a multicopter with a camera which was not an uncommon practice for production companies.

"The footage is beautiful and I hope that at some stage the media and public will be able to see it," he said.

The arrest came after Mandela's eldest daughter, Makaziwe, on Thursday criticised media for the manner in which they covered Mandela's stay in Pretoria's Heart hospital. ( Rest of the story here )

"You need a permit to fly one of those things," said lieutenant Jake Mander, the arresting officer on scene. "Or something like that. We're not actually sure. We've got some people googling it."   and for a Humorous look at the above ( Read Here )

Respect to Rapport ...