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Confused ?

posted 21 Sep 2012, 01:12 by Evert Bez
Confused ...sure wont be the last time with this build ..

Notice where GND and 5V Out is ....Left side of the board ....

Manual states this ..."1. Solder the thin gauge red & black wire to “GND” and “5V OUT” on the bottom side of the PDB labeled “This Side Down”.

Now as far as I can see there are no GND or 5v Out at the bottom ...Only (-) and (+) ?

Here is a picture of the Manual , I went this way ...

I wont be surprise If Something wont work ....Soldering is harder/trickier  than it looks ...

Will be testing each bit before I commit to flying ...that's for sure !

I did a quick throw together of parts just to see how she would look ...

I'm not using original props that comes with the kit but bought these Gemfan SF for R80 at Netram

I need all the visual help that you can get with the orientation , making flying easier , sure the green props would assist with that ! (I Hope)

Spot the problem ???

Look at the hight of the props on the shafts ...thats no good ....damn ! Got to fix that some how ....Shaft press back or Dremel  ????? ....

Well its long weekend !   Weather looks bad so no flying :(

Guess I'll be building :-)