KMAC visit 2013

posted 20 May 2013, 22:54 by Evert Bez   [ updated 23 May 2013, 05:48 ]
WOW ! That's a lot of Models and cars ! Again KMAC visit to SCARF was a huge success and attended by a lot of RC flyer's and their families , ready to enjoy a wonderful winters day with just oh so perfect weather for flying !
Scarf - Perfect Venue

The Club house and its setup makes it ideal for this kind of get together ....

Scarf - View From the Top

                                                                                                                              View from the top .....

Scraf - Blue Sky

Fantastic Blue Sky and clear day for flying ....Oh and cars ... Counted 33 of them at one stage ...

SCarf - SugerCane recovery

Dont you just love sugarcane !  Mike retrieving his plane , No damage !

SCarf -  Breakfast time ...

Breakfast time ... A shout out to everyone who assisted ! THANKS GUYS and LADIES !!!

SCARF - Kevins Fleet

Kevin's Fleet of planes !

Scarf - more planes

And More Planes !

Scarf - more planes

And More plane s !

Scarf More Planes

Oh ..Did I mention ...there was a lot of planes !!!

And a lot of flying ....

SCARF - Landing

Low Fly past .... 

All and all a successful and wonderful day of flying ...Thanks KMAC for your visit !

And THANKS to all SCARF members who attended and assisted ....!