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Preparing for ArduCopter 2.9.2

posted 1 Mar 2013, 02:18 by Evert Bez   [ updated 20 Mar 2013, 00:51 ]
All indications are that this would be the ArduCopter Software version to have , Following the 2.9.1 thread it is clear to me that there was a lot of things that I have to do on HighUP to get the copter ready for this firmware version .

At this moment still a work in progress ...My last flight I noticed that the copter will have a wobble when in loiter. I think the problem is two fold for me , one the motor on one side was /is noisy since the day I got it from 3DR (bearings) and the other problem Center of Gravity (CoG) , with the FPV camera and GoPro mounted the copter was nose heavy ....

So , New Motors ...
ArduCopter - HighUP Motors
to replace the two "front" ones ... Blue motors look nice as well , a nice bonus on replacement .

A few things you will notice in this picture , RUST , on the spring supplied with AlWare landing gear ...and a new way of mounting FPV and GoPro camara's.

And Yes that is a JDrones GoPro Gimball replacing the previous Dampening mount .

Here's a Video of the JDrones Gimball working on HighUP ...

HighUP on Rubber Dampners

The Carbon Fiber Plate was cut to 450mm wide to fit a battery and then mounted with M3 vibration damper rubber standoff's that will hopefully assist with reducing vibration on FPV and GoPro Camera's

Battery relocation HighUp
With the plate mounted it is now possible to relocate the battery and the FPV FatShark Transmitter.

Initial testing shows that the CoG will be much better using this configuration but test flying will tell.This way the FPV transmitter is also out of the way and interference with other equipment like GPS , Sonar etc should be minimal (I hope :-) )

The Sonar was also relocated to the side of the Copter , Plate mounted on thin Rubber double sided tape , again hoping to reduce vibrations and to assist in a more stable quad.

Sonar on HighUP

Items outstanding to do on preparing for 2.9.2 ..

- Want to recalibrate ESC to set them to NiCad Cuttoff
- Resolder MinimOSD to side entry on the pin headers..EDIT - Done but must still test 04/02/2013
- Add thin rubber double sided tape to AlWare landing gear mount (reduce landing gear vibration) EDIT - Done 04/02/2013
- Then start doing flights with Raw enabled in logs ...this will show if I'm ready for 2.9.2 ...
- Oh and upgrade Mediatek GPS to 1.9
Arducopter 2.9.1

Here you can see the APM mounted on soft Sponge , the plate it self is mounted 2x rubber washers squeezed in between it ... ...just hope this will work !

Raw and time will tell ...

Still some work to do ...Never Stop ...yeah !

EDIT : 20/03/2013  Sucsess ...Yeah !! I'm flying on 2.9.1 and it's GOOD ! Very little Vibration etc ...Will do post later next week ...