South Coast Association of Radio Flyers

S30 40 25.27 E030 14 36.81

Photo's of our  proud and joy  ,  Like the intro on the home pages say , we fly a wide variety RCM disciplines. Living in the valley of a thousand hills give us the opportunity to fly , Float planes , Slope soaring and normal airport type planes , gas and electric .[.Check them out] ..

Tips And Tricks page , need to know how ? (CG,Blade Tightness etc etc )  

Need Stickers for your Plane ? [Check these] out ....( Old , Not Sure if jacques can still do this though ...? )

Play Dog Fighting air combat Game !!!   Addictive !!  1,7 MB Small Download !  Also check out Landing game at bottom of this page .....

The South African F3B gliding Team Practice at the Club for the 2009 Internationals.

View the SCARF Announcement page , this is link to the RSS Feed so please do Subscribe to get updates

Hadeda Away - Website that talks about The Noise the Hadeda Ibis makes !!  


The CropCam utilizes an autopilot for navigation and control of the camera, for everything else it is RC parts (wings, servos, propellers, glow fuel or batteries) purchased locally. This makes the CropCam parts practical and accessible worldwide. Furthermore, the CropCam lends itself easily to the establishment of a Dealer System due to ease of use, minimal training required, and locally available RC parts. We are seeking CropCam dealers worldwide and have a Dealer Program in place (Expensive but hey , maybe you want to try it) [Read more]

Direct Esquence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) , Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum.(FHSS)
Huh !!! you sat . This is a 2.4Ghz Radio Control Explained . Just how does spread spectrum RC radios really work? If you got or you've been thinking of buying a 2.4 Ghz spread spectrum RC set then you'll probably be keen to understand exactly how it works and hopefully this article will hell you do so ...

JUST A thought ..... I have been thinking of this for sometime , and again I would just like to put it out there for Club members to think about .... DISTANCE FLYING , yes again .....  This is what I'm thinking ...We take off at club and for a first time try fly to the road entrance of Oribi Hotel and back .... Thats 16,8 Km ,,,, So it's not full speed and back , because you might not make it fuel wise  ... oh and in case you wondering ,when flying you are in a car , bakkie , through sunroof etc ... etc ... so you need second person or more ..thus a TEAM ! Maybe once a year event ?  ( This was posted in 2010 ...And due to the overwhelming response we did it every year from then on .... YEAH Right ...NOT ! ) 13/12/2012

Game - Land Aircraft

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