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accX/Y/Z Values and 6 Mode Switch on 9X

posted 29 Jul 2013, 02:45 by Evert Bez   [ updated 29 Jul 2013, 03:05 ]
So , I crashed HighUP :-( ....  All because of the Rotary knob (grrr)  , Me not knowing where it was , thinking it was in Loiter , it was actually in Auto !!! thus it wanted to do way-point flying  , which was 30 Km Away .... fortunately (sadly) it flew into my buildings wall , just . It nearly went over it , and that would have been bad ! Took a 6 meter drop onto cement ..TERRIBLE sound ! This is my first crash since I started with ArduCopter ... So 9 months + . Damage , The Alware landing gear (sad they where awesome)   , 4 props and FPV camera servo broken ...not bad,  going on how it sounded .

Lesson learned , I now use Switches .... I tried this page but this did not work for me but this image by Chris Huitema did work for me ...

eepe - 6 modes  er9x

Replace the broken landing gear with original and original props and was flying same afternoon ....

Here's my IMU (Raw) readings ... ( In terminal , logs > enable imu )
AccX ArduCopter

Above / below is the IMU reading AccX/Y  - The AccX and AccY values (primarily used for horizontal position control) should be between -3 and +3 m/s/s , The accelerometer values will change momentarily as the copter moves up and down .

AccY Arducopter

Now if I'm not mistaken or reading this wrong ...this is good ? !!  To read more on what this should be go READ HERE

AccZ - Arducopter

And AccZ - AccZ should be between -15 and -5 m/s/s.