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Float Fly - 21/09/2014

posted 22 Sep 2014, 01:26 by Evert Bez   [ updated 23 Sep 2014, 03:15 ]

Series of photo's of float fly held 21/09/2014 ...
A wonderful Float Fly was held. A beautiful morning greeted us on arrival. Was lovely to be in the open air with a lovely view. Although the dam is low, due to no rain, it is a wonderful setting. Eric Dunston upgraded the facilities and the bathroom facilities were great. At lunch time it became quite windy, but we socialized around the fire. 
Nice to have seen Tinus,  Willie, Gerald coming to see what it is all about. Vince and Diane joined us for the braai. Everyone brought family members to have a nice spring day at
the dam. Thanks to the ladies assisting Albert making a fire! Dean went fishing with his daughter Jordan and they both caught bass - Fishing was more successful than flying.

Also nice to see that a lot of our members went to fly at the Club, and joined us for the braai. Members flew their float planes, boats, jets, gliders and hex copters.
This plane in pictures above an below was in a mid air collision with Mike's Stick , This is a chance in a million. Everyone was a bit shaken, especially after the stick landed close to the girls fishing on the
other side. After Josh (Martin's little one) picked up all the pieces it was noticed that both planes were a write-off. Dennis and Mike took it in good spirit.

The Macchi M.C. 72 held the world speed record for all aircraft for five years. The M.C. 72 record still stands today as the world's fastest propeller-driven seaplane.
Below is Dennis's version ( Wiki )

Mike making sure engine is running right ! Mike and Dennis started flying in formation and gave the spectators thrills until Dennis went straight and Mike turned. Big mid-air crash with pieces of planes coming down. See more photos on Facebook . Link on the right.

Dennis before the maiden of the Macchi M.C. 72
 Albert got his stick and piper cub on floats going again after more than 10 years.
Kevin flew his Icon and Adi maidened his Carbon Z Cup on floats.

Concentration ! Kevin and Dennis ....

We thank Eric Dunston for the use of their facilities.

Text Supplied by Kitty - Thanks !

SCARF Panoramic View

posted 2 Sep 2014, 02:50 by Evert Bez   [ updated 2 Sep 2014, 02:57 ]

Short Video of SCARF from roughly 50 Meters up. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO
HighUP - At Scarf

SCARF Panoramic View

Video of Club

posted 2 Jun 2014, 03:14 by Evert Bez   [ updated 2 Jun 2014, 03:35 ]

HighUP doing a 5 Way-point Flight of the Club ...

HighUP 5 Waypoint flight

AS always lots of compression and quality lost when putting on Youtube ...HERE is a better quality one on VIMEO

Members Anouncement

posted 16 May 2014, 06:00 by Evert Bez

Lake Naverone Social Fly-in 23rd-25th May:

East Coast Aerotow Nomads host their big 'fly-in' at Lake Naverone in the Southern Drakensberg next weekend, 23rd, 24th and 25th May. They have 25 Pilots registered with about 65 planes coming in.

Most of these are large scale gliders, up to 6m wingspan ( maybe even bigger ) and some really beautiful classic scale gliders from yesteryear all the way from the Cape where 8 guys are driving up from

just for this event.  With only a 3 hour drive away, please go and experience this event. Catering on-site, please bring along deck chair and sun-tan lotion, and a jacket as it might be cool. Contact Dave

Claxton for more info at:082 455 1071.


Social Get Together with Kingsburgh Club;

Kingsbury Club invites our Club for Saturday 31st May for a social get together. They want to treat us on a free breakfast – compliments of Kingsburgh Club.

In addition they will have lunch available for a R20 combo fee(egg roll and drink/coffee) for those wishing  to avail themselves of that option. The view is fantastic and please bring your partner or wife along.

Please be so kind to notify me via e-mail or sms me at 083-254-3886.


In return we will be hosting the Kingsburgh Club on Sunday 27th July. Please diarise this date.


Club Shirts and Caps:

For those members that would like to order a Club Shirt (R220 – R280) – I am going to place an order for them next week. Please let me know if you are interested and mail me or sms me requirements

and size.

I have ordered SCARF caps and will notify you when they will be available again.


SCARF Badges:

We got embroidered badges available at R30 and SCARF stickers at R5.


Scale Fly-in at Maritzburg Model Flying Club – 22nd June:

All other Club members and individuals are invites, as long as you are SAMAA affiliated. Entry is free, and they hope to have a big turnout. They have 80metre and a 55 metre tar runways, but surrounding

Grass will be mown to give space to run off. For more details contact Neil Allen at 072-231-4141.


Cold drinks: We do have cold drinks available in the fridge at R10 each. Honesty box is in fridge.


Committee meeting:

Friendly reminder that the next committee meeting will take place at the home of Lewis Colman on the Wednesday 28th May at 6 for 6.30 pm. Please bring a plate of eats and your own drinks.

FUN FLY – First Round – 11th May2014

posted 16 May 2014, 05:56 by Evert Bez   [ updated 16 May 2014, 06:03 ]

FunFly at SCARF

SCARF (South Coast Association of Radio Flyers) hosted the first round of the National Fun Fly for local flyers at our Flying Field in Oribi. It is a National event where different clubs in the country enter and fly the same maneuvers in the same month. They get scored and then the results get send up to Pretoria.

There are three rounds and the top 20 in South Africa will get invited to the National Fun Fly in October this year.

All our participants took part in the Sportsman’s Class over 45. There were six events and proved to be more difficult than thought.

Event 1: Aircraft must perform 1 loop, 1 x 360 horizontal turn and then 1 touch and go into the wind – as many as possible in 2 minutes. Dennis excelled here with his mini stick with 9, Mike very close with 8 and Jacques with 6.

Event 2:  Aircraft to climb for 15 seconds, perform 5 downward spins and land on runway. Nearest to 65 seconds the winner. Dennis and Jacques tied for first with each 1 second off target with Mike in 3rd with 73 seconds.

Event 3:  Aircraft to perform 1 loop, 2 horizontal eights, 3 cuban eights and 4 rolls and land into wind in the shortest time.Dennis only took 37 seconds to complete, with Jacques I in 2nd with 53 and Mike in 3rd with 55 seconds.

Event 4: One loop and two rolls. As many sequences as possible in one minute; Dennis completed 11 , Jacques 9 and Mike 8.

Event 5; Limbo passes in 2 minutes. Limbo passes under a line 2 metres high and 8 metres apart. Dennis completed 9, Mike 8 and Marius 7.

Event 6: Spot landing. Touching down as close as possible to 1 metre spot. A Cross wind made it quite difficult. Jacques landed the closest with 1.9m from the spot. Dennis with 3.5m and Bert with 4.5 m.



Lots of fun was had. Lewis Colman and Kitty Steenmans were the judges and we thank them for taking the time to the do judging.

No major damage happened. Lionel plane was damaged after event 1, but glued together and he was ready for the next manoeuvre.  

Dennis damaged his landing gear and had to do the last manoeuvre with his back up plane. What made it so interesting was the fact that electric and fuel powered planes  competed together. A strong cross wind made the last three events difficult.

Afterwards Jacques enthralled us with his quad copter. A few stayed to braai and a lovely morning was had. Everyone is looking forward to the next event in June/July

Going in to winter - Nice flying days !

posted 22 Apr 2014, 22:32 by Evert Bez

20th April (Easter Weekend) and we had a fair turnout at the club ....

Here is Jacques with his new DJI Flamewheel 550...very stable hex multi-roter !
HighUP - Flamewheel F550

and a family day it was !!  Lewis and wife ...Pondering ...
HighUP - Aerial Photography

Are we looking at the same plane my dear ?
HighUP -Aerial Photography

Willie testing settings on his chopper ..
HighUP - Radio Control chopper

Kevin heading out with his Sbach ..
HighUP Aerial Photography - sbach

Nooo , Im not sure you doing that right ! ARE you sure ? Kevin and crew ..
Sbach Crew

People relaxing ...or is that stressing ?
Radio model flying - Aerial photography

Thanks Jacques for Photo's !

Know your flying Neighbour - The Cape Vulture

posted 21 Apr 2014, 22:58 by Evert Bez   [ updated 23 Apr 2014, 04:50 ]

These guys are close to us .... really close !
Many of you have experienced this and seen them when they come flying over so effortlessly.

And then we with the gliders think ...AAAHHH there's lift !

The Barry Porter Memorial Vulture Viewing Hide overlooks a 'vulture restaurant' on the site of a breeding colony of over 100 Cape Vultures. With a threatened global population of just 8,000* Cape Vultures, this is a very significant colony.

The hide gives you the opportunity to observe and photograph these majestic birds at close range.

Image by Doug Butcher

 So SCARF please give these guys the space the require when they are flying so close to us , it sure is a majestic thing to see .

Please note this site is not open to the general public. TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

The vulture viewing hide is a conservation initiative of BirdLife Trogons Bird Club
The View from the hide , Vulture restaurant in the front ...

This site is NOT open to the general public, so your booking is for exclusive use of the hide for the day.
Visitors are escorted by BirdLife Trogons Bird Club volunteers, who will also take you to the cliff edge to watch and photograph the vultures as they soar along the ridge.

Should you want to view these birds (highly recommended) please make your booking at


posted 6 Mar 2014, 01:51 by Evert Bez

Thanks to all the members, the Club has been able to purchase 5 picnic tables with benches! See photo’s attached. Three picnic tables been put on the verandah, one in front and one under the tree. The old picnic table has been placed behind the club house.

Picnic Tables At SCARF - HIGHUP

It was great excitement at the Committee Meeting held last week. The Committee are planning nice happenings. Please diarise the following days. We were planning a Float Fly for this coming Sunday, but unfortunately the facilities are taken.



Wednesday 12th March at Steenmans Residence  (Contact Dennis for Address) – 6pm for 6h30pm.


We will light fires at 6pm. Will show a few DVD on Aerobatic Flying and will have a Bring and Braai afterwards.


Aerobatic Competition – Fun Event! – Sunday 16th March and 18th May:

At Flying Field at 9h30am. Convener Jacques Grobler will have two manoeuvres planned to improve our members flying.


Weekend away – Odendaal’s residence outside Kokstad – 11th May 2014.

Please notify me as soon as possible as there are only two chalets available. Camping facilities also available.

There is a full size runway and a dam for float flying.


Xmas Function – 29th November -  Venue to be announced closer to the time.

Any suggestions welcome.


PROFICIENCY TESTS:  The Committee feels that we want to make it our aim to have all our members tested this year. Would it not be fantastic if we are the first Club in S.A. to be 100% rated. Dennis and Adi will be doing testing when at the flying field – so do not be surprised if they ask you to fly! The Solo, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Instructor tests are on the notice board. Start practising!

Kitty will place a list with all the rating on the board to motivate other members.


CLUB SHIRTS, CAPS AND BADGES;  The Club has got a few XL Shirts left at R230, Embroidered badges at R30 and club stickers at R5. We can order caps again, but minimum quantity is R30. Please let me know if you are interested in shirts or caps, so I can order.


HONORS BOARD: The Club decided that we are going to have the majority rules printed on the board. Dennis and Kitty will organise this.


BRAAI:  If small braai is used, please leave it on the veranda and not in the bathroom.


COLD DRINKS: Cold drinks are available at R10 each and a honesty box is placed on top of fridge. The profit gets used to purchase charcoal and fire lighters


WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK;  The web site address is;  and the Facebook page is: SCARF.


GAZEBO AND UMBRELLA:  For those that would like extra shade there is an umbrella and gazebo in the bathroom. All members are most welcome to make use of it.


PILOT BOX:  It was decided to build a pilot box for the fliers. Dennis and Jacques are convening this. Hopefully it will be in place in the next month.


SAFETY;  The club has purchased a fire extinguisher ( High Time!) It will be positioned on the verandah and Jacques will also replenish our first aid box in the bathroom.


CLUB FEES :   Club Fee were due on the 1st January 2014. R420 for members, R210 for Juniors and Non-Flying members.

You can bring the money to Kitty at Denkit Hobbies or do a direct transfer into Nedbank Corporate Saver, Acc no; 9003169899, Branch: 720026.

Please diarise Tuesday 6th May as the Annual General Meeting will take place at the Steenmans residence.  Agenda will follow closer to the time.

Our thought are with Dave Parry that underwent heart surgery yesterday. He is stable and we wish him a speedy recovery. Hope to see the old Dave back at the field in a few weeks’ time!

Dave Claxton, our member from Durban posted the following on our Facebook page:


Fellow SCARF members, some of you may own or aspire to own a Scale Sailplane or powered 'Tug'.. You are very welcome to come along to our East Coast AeroTow Nomads 'Fly-in' which is taking place on a private airfield in the Southern Drakensberg in May. We have pilots and planes coming from as far off as Cape Town and Gauteng, and you will get to see really large scale gliders, some self-propelled, in action. For more information you can email me on or give me or Russ a call (Numbers on Flyer Below)


OrthoPhoto of SCARF

posted 27 Jan 2014, 02:22 by Evert Bez

HigUP did some flying at SCARF doing a OrthoPhoto of the runway and a bit of the buildings.

An orthophoto, orthophotograph or orthoimage is an aerial photograph geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) such that the scale is uniform: the photo has the same lack of distortion as a map. (wiki)

Camera Used is a Canon SX220HS (12.1mp) . Running CHDK script taking photo’s every 2 seconds at a height of 50 meters , camera pointing down 90 degrees running a simple 5 way-point flight .Image below was rescaled for web posting purposes .

OrthoPhoto - HighUP Aerial Photography

2014 - Prosperous year for all and ....

posted 2 Jan 2014, 01:46 by Evert Bez

SCARF Membership Fees

Dear Fellow Flyer

 Firstly all the best for 2014 and may you have wonderful flying and accident free days during the year.


Our Club Subscription fees falls due on the 1st January 2014.


Fees for 2014 are as follow:


Flying members                               R420

Junior Flying Members                 R210

Non-Flying members                     R210


Please deposit direct into our Club account or you can hand it in at Denkit hobbies and I will do the deposit for you.

Banking details; Nedbank Corporate Saver, Branch 720026, Account no; 900 316 9899, Reference: Name and Surname.


Members are due for their SAMAA Fees ( Remember it falls due in the month that you have joined):


Ordinary Membership                  R345

Pensioner Membership               R230

Junior Membership                        R190

Banking details: Nedbank, Branch Menlyn 160545, Account number 160 512 6772, Reference: SAMAA Number and name.

You are more than welcome to hand it in at Denkit Hobbies and I will do the transfer for you.

Flying regards




Kitty Steenmans

083-254 3886

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