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Frame Build

posted 19 Sep 2012, 04:55 by Evert Bez   [ updated 19 Sep 2012, 05:09 ]
So I started yesterday evening ... this seems fairly easy far ...

Here you can see the difference in size between the 2009 Paparazzi and new Ardu Board. .

Although the Paparazzi board is smaller all the sensors of the board is a pain ! Check the size of the GPS !

Was thinking of using it with Ardu , but seeing the size Difference of the two GPS's , I think not !

All the parts  , Obviously 4 Esc and 4 motors .... They even give you a cable for the USB no , got so many already !  :)

Leg Assembly ... Notice LocTite for screws ..

Added this Ruber/Sponge stuff on the motor mount area , hopefully will reduce Vibrations

Sprayed the Landing legs on the blue arm same colour ... well as close as what I could get out of a tin ...and yes I know ...GRAMS !

Taking Shape .... Arms loosely mounted to confirm a few things for me , How do you run the motor wires , where do they come out , where to mount the ESC's ... Also manual say solder bullet connectors , I don't think thats a good Idea , you still have to route that engine cable past the 2 frame center mounting and leg mounting screws , not that easy I think with bullet connectors on ...

Well that's it for Today ...