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Hubsan X4 --- Hyper Cool !

posted 17 Apr 2013, 03:48 by Evert Bez
Hubsan X4

Received mine Yesterday ... and this little thing is AWESOME ! ...well the flying part is ...the controller (TX) though ..grr..

After inserting batteries in to the controller the only thing on it's display was the battery level , nothing else ! No red light at on/off switch , nothing else on LCD ! This thing is dead.

Now sending this thing back will probably cost me more than to buy a new one , BangGood with their free shipping !

One option then really ! Open it up time ....

Hubsan X4 TX Open

The six screws was removed and on closer inspection ...this board WILL have dry joints .

I re-soldered everything I could and low and behold ...IT works ...well till this morning when it again did not power up ....grrrr , I left it in the sun and there you go ...power ! something is not making contact!

Anyway , will try and fix tonight , again ... My Soldering skills are not the best around ...lets hope.

As far a flying "normal" mode I actually had a hard time controlling the quad moved too slow , too much stick movement to get it to move , does not feel right when you use to RC ...but ! now you can set this , the manual is excellent (for a Chinese translation ),  there is more !  OH BOY ! in Expert ! This quad flies like a real one ! and it's quick ! so , expert mode all the time ...reaction is immediate ..the way I like it .
Hubsan X4

I did the Strawmod to make sure the motors don't press through .. Also already damaged one arm . So I committed to some extra props , motors and body from BangGood for $10 .

In the end If I cant get the controller(TX) right I will just get a new one ...
It is worth it , this is a AWESOME flier !

Hubsan X4 straw Mod

I cut the Straw at 7mm ....

Hubsan X4 Straw Mod

Links to RC Groups MODS for Hubsan X4

Also bought the LadyBug landing gear which I just Super Glued on to the frame of Hubsan

Just on its flying prowess , a highly recommended Copter !

Oh ...did I mention ..It's SMALL !