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ALware 3D Elastic Landing Gear

posted 25 Oct 2012, 00:09 by Evert Bez   [ updated 20 Mar 2013, 00:39 ]
The GoPro Camera mount is to long for the standard Landing Gear on the 3DR Quad ...So after some look around I decided on these (ALware 3D Elastic Landing Gear) from Flying Hobby .
Alware 3D Elastic Landing Gear
oh ..I got it on a special for $12...

Delivery was VERY Quick which in itself is strange as they used my Billing address and not my Shipping address ...It is a wonder it did arrive here , say a lot of the South African Post Office ...yeah well done guys !

3D Legs Package
Package it self was normal A5 size with bubble wrap inside ..

Alware 3D Package Contents

Alware Elastic Landing Gear Leg Assembled

Assembly of the Legs are very straight forward ...Just follow the manual that you can get online ...

Alware 3D Leg on 3DR Quad

I had to drill two holes into the legs , basically used original legs to get holes in the right place ...

Alware 3D Elastic Legs mounted on 3DR Quad

Also painted front legs to keep it the same with the Blue tubes ....

I moved both legs to the back of the Aluminum tube  , hoping the GoPro wont pick it up,If it work's? ...Well , will see later ...

Alware 3D Legs With Pivot Dampning Mount on 3DR Quad

Mount for GoPr just loosely pressed in to see clearance ....

All in All , I like the legs ..they make the Quad look mean :~) , and yeah they do have pointy ends , but fortunately for me I can land properly ...

ALWARE Supper Elastic Landing Gear is a brand new design product used for original main frame of GAUI 330X/S. With this elastic landing gear your 330X will become more stable and safer when landing on a tough land. This landing gear is designed with elasticity principle. With the Extension Springs, shocks with higher intensity can be reconciled. 
- Made of 2mm fiber glass material which is light but strong.
- Multidirectional shocks can be absorbed with the Extension Spring on each piece of landing gear.
- The props, main frame and all electronics of 330X can better be protected.
- Capable of absorbing large shock from the quick landing of 330X.  
- Easy assembly method to the 330X, use it's original screws holes to secure the landing gear sets.
- Provide larger space on the belly of 330X. 
- Provide a higher distance from the bottom position of 330X to the ground.
- Will increase the stability of 330X as it lowers the CG (Centre of Gravity).
Diagonal distance: 460 mm
Horizontal distance: 325mm
Vertical High : 180mm 
Weight : 72g (without screws)
4x Upper landing gear part
4x Lower landing gear part
4x Extension Springs
4x M3x6 Hex Cap Screws
4x M3x8 Hex Cap Screws
4x M2x6 Hex Cap Screws 
4x M2x4 Hex Cap Screws 
4x M2 Hex Nuts
4x M3 Hex Nuts

UPDATE !  I added extra springs , the standard springs sag under the copters weight ...SEE HERE

EDIT : 20/03/2013 - AWESOME !! I love this landing Gear ! They can bend at Crazy angles , you mind tells you it surely it must break but they just don't .. HIGHLY recommended !