Flying Sunday 7th July

Post date: 10-Jul-2013 06:11:25

A nice turnout. Lovely weather although a bit windy at times. Four planes were maidened.

EDIT: I was not aware of this article on Look Local .... Please take a look at the report from the Fly In from KMAC some time ago ...

Adi’ s Piper Super Cub with 30cc motor looked beautiful in the air.

Adi- Super Cub

Allan Joubert took his new Extra 260 in the air with Gary Millen his Mini Ultra Stick.Was nice to see Lionel Charters, our member from Kokstad flying his new ultra stick 25E. No crashes!!

Alan Joubert

Willie gave everyone a fright when his plane went haywire while taxing, luckily no incident!

Willie's - SBACH

Dean Ferguson after a long absence flew his Extra 300. Dave Parry had a good time flying his glider and Dennis had his hands full with training and maidening planes.

Dean Ferguson

They had a super braai at lunchtime and after a few more flights it was home time.

Dave Parry

New members: We welcome Dries Sander and Andre Olivier into the Club. We hope you both have many happy hours flying!

Facebook : Please go and have a look as I have posted more Photo’s on Facebook. (For the Members who does do Facebook) Our page name is: SCARF (South Coast Ass of Radio Flyers)

On Our Web site: The weather based by Windguru is very accurate for up to three days.

Cold drinks: For the new members we do have a fridge at the flying club and cold drinks are R10 each. There is an honesty box on top of the fridge where you put the money in. The profit from this get used to buy charcoal and firelighters.

Flying regards

S.C.A.R.F. ( South Coast Association of Radio Drivers)