Biplane, RC Model Collide ...

Post date: 20-Aug-2010 07:24:53

The FAA has confirmed it is investigating a midair collision between a biplane and what appears to be a large-scale radio-controlled model Aug. 14. FAA spokesman Mike Fergus said the mishap occurred at an airport in Brighton, Colo., during what appeared to be a model aircraft event. The RC pilots were using an airport runway or taxiway for their activities and the model involved in the collision was hovering on prop thrust above a paved surface when the biplane (type unknown) made a low-level pass with airshow smoke on over the field, then struck the model.

Fergus said the full-scale aircraft reportedly suffered minor damage to a wing but was able to fly away. The model can be seen tumbling out of control to the ground. Fergus said FAA officials have viewed the video and the investigation is in the early stages. "It's very preliminary," he said. Another FAA spokesman, Allen Kennitzer, said the incident was not reported immediately and he actually saw the video and turned it over to investigators. They started work on the file Wednesday.

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