Christmas Blessings and prosperous New Year ...

Post date: 23-Dec-2013 07:33:26

Scarf HighUP christmas Blessings

Dear Fellow Flyer

The end of the year is nearly here. We have had our ups and downs. It was a great year with a lot of new members joining and we hope they are having a good time flying with SCARF. A lot of flying, braaing and socializing was done.

The weather has not been too kind lately but when you can go and fly your models. A few members do go fly on Saturdays and public holidays - join them!

Our thoughts are with Tinus Pretorius who is undergoing chemo and radiation. Lewis Colman and Dave Parry are recuperating nicely and we might still see them at the flying field this year. If any of you are under the weather, please take care and hope that you all feel your old self again.

One of our customer from Gauteng was in the shop the other day. His son was charging a lipo battery inside the plane and the whole house burned down, including their two dogs. Please members, treat your lipo’s like woman – with tender loving care. Use lipo bags or lipo cases to prevent this.

Thanks to all our members that attended the Christmas Party at Pitstop in Banana Beach. Was lovely seeing a lot of our new members and getting to know them. Dennis and myself were the only brave ones to dance! The food was tasty and the atmosphere festive.

To all of SCARF , We wish you and your families a blessed Christmas and a prang free 2014!

Flying regards


Kitty Steenmans