01-06-2013 Got to love winter flying days !

Post date: 03-Jun-2013 10:01:49

Dear Fellow Flyer

What a wonderful turnout yesterday at the field. Everyone had a wonderful time and no crashes – best of all!

Scarf - Malcom - Sukhoi

(EDIT) - Request to members - Please when parking think of the fact that others would like to park next to you , If possible please have your planes behind your vehicle and not to the side taking up a parking bay .... Some members had to park on the runway which as you surely can agree on is not ideal !

Dennis took Gary Millen and Gerald Haefele up with the buddy box on his trainer. Malcolm Carlyle flew his Sukhoi for the first time and all went well.

Scarf - Deans Ekstra

Dean gave us a good display of flying his Extra 300 – although his 1st landing was tricky with one of the wheel spats hanging loose. His friend Wade also had a flight with Dean on the buddy box trainer.Dennis flew his ultimate again, and looks like the problems are sorted. The Biplane flies very stable.

SCarf - Dennis and his Bipe

Dave Claxton was lucky to have had no damage to his glider that landed in the cane and his war bird’s, the mustang and spitfire flew beautiful! Kevin had fun with his electric planes, Adi had a few good flight with his new Ultra Sport. Derek Carlyle flying is improving by the week – I was very impressed with his landing right in front of us! Willie’s S-Bach looks beautiful in the air. Marius enjoyed himself and Evert and Lance gave us a flying display with their quad copters. The only two that did not fly was Dave Parry and Martin Fourie. They arrived a bit later and the wind was a bit strong for their gliders, although they enjoyed the braai and socialising!We were surprised by Jurgen Bunge, an old member who was instrumental with the building of the club house who paid us a visit from the Cape. Was lovely seeing him again and amazed how big his children are. Henry van den Heever also popped in and chatted a long time to the members.

SCARF -  Alan

Alan Joubert flew lots of flights and was constantly in the air – really enjoying his hobby.Theuns van Rooyen also came with his family to join in with the braai. Mike and Justin Neethling, neighboring farmer also came to have a look. We were also blessed with a lot of ladies present. All in all a very social and relaxing day.Thanks to Welcome for cleaning and giving our window frames another cote of varnish. The clubhouse is really looking great!

Just for those new members and visitors. There are cold drinks in the fridge at R10 each. The honesty box is on top of the fridge. The profit we make, we use to buy charcoal and blitz. Keep the good flying up! Flying regards S.C.A.R.F. Kitty Steenmans 