Fly-in Brunch 19th May 2013

Post date: 23-May-2013 08:29:51

Dear Fellow Flyers

Wow, what an amazing flying day it was yesterday!

Lots of visitors, lots of local club members, no serious crashes and good food and fellowship.

Scarf ClubHouse
Scarf - Dean

Thanks to all those that assisted us with the preparation of the clubhouse, set up of the parking and

the good sportsmanship shown in having only five airplanes in the air at any given time. The new sign looks

lovely Kevin (Grumpy)! Special thanks also to Adi and Dennis for their input with the maintenance of the club.

Thanks to all those that assisted us with the preparation of the breakfast. We catered for 64 and a fine spread was served to all. Thanks to Neil for doing the fires for brunch, lunch and braaing of the sausages. Charmaine, Carol, Zelda,

Lanette for excellent cooking skills!! Much appreciated! Thanks to Welcome for cleaning all skottels and keeping the dustbin controlled.

Everyone enjoyed their brunch and the socialising around the tables in the beautiful Oribi weather and picturesque scenery setting. It was at times so clear that you could see the sea!

Syd Langton, owner of the farm gave us a beautiful take-off and landing display of his new full size Jubiru. Dennis and Committee presented a gift, namely a stainless steel braai gift set each to Syd and Matt Langton as a sign of appreciation.

Lots of planes were flown, and Dean Steenmans gave us an air show display of flying his 111cc Extra 300 – very realistic with the smoking system.

Dennis was very busy assisting new members and buddy boxed with a lot of visitors. Most of our new members that have joined are ready to do solo and bronze proficiency and Dennis and Adi will have to set a date for that in the future. Whenever they are both at the field you can always ask them to do the test – Also those that would like to do silver or gold or instructors proficiency. The requirements of the tests are displayed on the wall at the Flying club and you can also view it on SAMAA’s web site. There was a display of everything.

Willy’s S-Bach was beautiful in the air, although his wheels needs some oiling (sounded too much like my bones!). Dean maidened Dennis new 56cc Ultimate and although it flew nicely, a few changes need to be made.

There were gliders, jets, stick’s, war birds, snoopy – a delight for anybody that love planes. Even our junior members James Theron and Dean Eggar showed the more experienced flyers how enjoyable flying can be! Some chose to mainly spectator as it is quite nerve wrecking flying as a rookie with so many others.

As the weather was good, a lot of fliers and families stayed for lunch and the last fliers left after five pm. The only thing that needs to be done is a letter to the municipality to fill the potholes!!!

Scarf Zelda and Kitty

Check out this short Video ---- Thanks Dennis !

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Keep flying until next time!

Flying regards

S.C.A.R.F. (South Coast Association of Radio Flyers)

Kitty Steenmans