Club Rules

South Coast Association of Radio Flyers

S30 40 25.27 E030 14 36.81 Syd Langton’s Flying Field


VISITORS are welcome to fly at this field on the following basis: -

Before operating radios or flying, make yourself known to a member of the club.

By flying at this club, you accept and undertake to abide by the club rules and safety rules which apply.

You must be a paid up SAMAA member in order to fly, or have made application for SAMAA membership

You must sign the daily flying log as per point 3 below.

Flying is not permitted in the absence of any one of the above items.

There is no visitor’s fee, but club donations are welcome.


Members and Visitors are responsible for their own safety, as well as the airworthiness of the models they fly.

Full size aircraft operate at, and have priority at this field if you are airborne whilst a full size aircraft enters the airspace or runway, land immediately when safe to do so, power off and keep clear of aircraft. If landing is not possible fly well clear of the flight paths of aircraft.

Every pilot must sign the “daily flying log”, indicating name, radio frequencies, and SAMAA membership number.

Pilots should consult with other users where conflicting radio frequencies are indicated in the daily flying log.

The Club uses the “PEG ON” frequency system, and is to be used at all times. Pegs must show pilot’s name, frequency used and SAMAA number. No radio may be operated until the frequency has been checked as clear for use, (if necessary by consulting with flying pilots).

Flying is only allowed between 08h00 and 18h00 daily. Special events may preclude normal flying for a period of time.

A successful radio equipment ground range check must be carried out before the first flight of the day for any aircraft / radio combination, combined with a thorough control check.

Initial turns after takeoff to be made away from the clubhouse, pits, parking and spectators.

Careless, reckless or unsafe ground operation or flying which may cause injury to persons or damage to property will lead to possible disciplinary action being taken. Any club committee member or two or more club members’ decision in this regard shall be regarded as final.

Consumption of alcohol or judgement impairing drugs whilst flying is prohibited. Littering is prohibited and garbage bins are to be used. Where possible take home all your litter.

No flying is allowed over public thoroughfares, over the pits, parking areas or near spectators.

Aircraft are to follow the established take-off and landing direction, which will as far as possible be “into wind”.

Visual contact to be maintained with aircraft at all times.

The use of pyrotechnics and / or explosive devices is prohibited unless pre-approved by a committee member present.

No more than 6 (six) aircraft may be airborne at any one time, unless approved by a committee member present.

Aircraft are required to be properly muffled.

Flying demonstrations are to undertaken by qualified pilots only (SAMAA Silver / Gold / Instructor proficiency), after airspace and field safety aspects have been satisfied.

Non-flying persons may enter the pit area only under the supervision of a pilot.

PCM radios / receivers must be programmed “failsafe” with motor to IDLE or STOP.

Glider winching and bungee launching is to take place outside the normal flying area in front of the clubhouse, unless as part of a designated club event.

Use of cell phones in the pits or flying area is prohibited. Emergency use of cell phones must take place a minimum of 30 M from any operating transmitter.

The charging of Lithium based cells shall be continuously monitored.

The wilful harassment of wildlife by aircraft is totally prohibited.

Restricted Airspace

Flying is prohibited above the farmhouse and buildings south of the Club at any time by powered aircraft, failure to adhere to this rule may lead to loss of aircraft and expulsion from the Club. The “no-fly” boundary is indicated by the large gum tree adjacent to the hangars.

No flying above or behind the clubhouse, or in any area where aircraft may become unsighted.

Helicopters may not hover / fly use the area directly in front of the clubhouse, unless as part of a Club approved display.


Although all reasonable precautions and safety measure are provided for at this club, model flying can still be potentially dangerous. You enter this Club and its flying area entirely at your own risk. The Club management committee, members, and landowners cannot be held responsible for damage to, or loss of property, or any injury to persons whatsoever.

The Website is not sponsored or approved by the Club or any of it's Members and as such is a separate entity to SCARF. (Read Disclaimer)

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BELOW IS OLD and is kept on this page as a reminder of how good life was ... :) to get the newest fees please contact us ..

OLD / OLD / OLD / OLD fees ...

SCARF Annual: ( Due 1st January 2013)

Flying Members - R390

Non-Flying members – R195

Junior flying Members – R195

You also Require SAMAA Membership to fly at SCARF

SAMAA Annual:

Ordinary Membership: R335 (R345 from 1st April)

Pensioner Membership: R220 (R230 from 1st April)

Junior Membership: R180 (R185 from 1st April)

Members become due for subscriptions 12-months after entry, irrespective of renewal. Late renewals will retain original date of entry (or date of previous renewal).

Subscription rates for 2012 are as follows:

Club FEES : Member R375 pj.

Junior and non Flying Member R187 pj.

Subscription rates for 2011 are as follows:

Club FEES : Member R350 pj.

Junior and non Flying Member R175 pj.

Subscription rates for 2010 are as follows:

Club FEES : Member R310 pj.

Junior and non Flying Member R160 pj.

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