Height limited RC thermal soaring - What is it ?

Post date: 20-Apr-2011 13:34:38

Brief Description on what this is ....Please go read more at www.esoaring.net

To provide an electric powered model aircraft thermal soaring event, where the initial launch height is the same for all models and a single electric motor run is used to achieve the set launch height.

The launch must be followed by pure gliding flight with no further motor assistance. Models will be allowed to compete in two classes, an “Open” class, (up to 4000 mm wingspan), and a “Two Metre” class

where the wingspan shall not exceed 2000 mm. In league competitions Open and 2M class models will always be run together in the same slots.

The competitor shall elect to fly either "Open" or "2 Metre" before the start of the competition.The model is fitted with an approved combined height limiting switch / motor run timer, which is set to cut all power to the electric drive motor so that the model aircraft completes its launch phase at an indicated pressure altitude above launch level of 200 meters, or after 30 seconds of motor run time, whichever occurs first.