Google Search Tips (Weather,Unit Conversions ) Stuff we can use at SCARF

Post date: 29-Oct-2009 13:21:02

Here is a few tips on using Google Search ...On SCARF type in the search box that is in the top right of page one of the examples below ...." Use the down arrow and select "Search Web "

Unit Conversion

You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and volume among many others. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box and we’ll do the rest. ex: 10.5 cm in inches


To see the weather for many U.S. and worldwide cities, type "weather" followed by the city and state, U.S. zip code, or city and country. ex: weather port shepstone


To see the time in many cities around the world, type in "time" and the name of the city. ex: time durban or london etc


To use Google's built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you'd like done into the search boxex: 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=

Currency Conversion

To use our built-in currency converter, simply enter the conversion you’d like done into the Google search box and we’ll provide your answer directly on the results page. ex : 150 GBP in USD or ZAR

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