Float Fly - 21/09/2014

Post date: 22-Sep-2014 08:26:34

Series of photo's of float fly held 21/09/2014 ...

A wonderful Float Fly was held. A beautiful morning greeted us on arrival. Was lovely to be in the open air with a lovely view. Although the dam is low, due to no rain, it is a wonderful setting. Eric Dunston upgraded the facilities and the bathroom facilities were great. At lunch time it became quite windy, but we socialized around the fire.

Nice to have seen Tinus, Willie, Gerald coming to see what it is all about. Vince and Diane joined us for the braai. Everyone brought family members to have a nice spring day at

the dam. Thanks to the ladies assisting Albert making a fire! Dean went fishing with his daughter Jordan and they both caught bass - Fishing was more successful than flying.

Also nice to see that a lot of our members went to fly at the Club, and joined us for the braai. Members flew their float planes, boats, jets, gliders and hex copters.

This plane in pictures above an below was in a mid air collision with Mike's Stick , This is a chance in a million. Everyone was a bit shaken, especially after the stick landed close to the girls fishing on the

other side. After Josh (Martin's little one) picked up all the pieces it was noticed that both planes were a write-off. Dennis and Mike took it in good spirit.

The Macchi M.C. 72 held the world speed record for all aircraft for five years. The M.C. 72 record still stands today as the world's fastest propeller-driven seaplane.

Below is Dennis's version ( Wiki )

Mike making sure engine is running right ! Mike and Dennis started flying in formation and gave the spectators thrills until Dennis went straight and Mike turned. Big mid-air crash with pieces of planes coming down. See more photos on Facebook . Link on the right.

Dennis before the maiden of the Macchi M.C. 72

Albert got his stick and piper cub on floats going again after more than 10 years.

Kevin flew his Icon and Adi maidened his Carbon Z Cup on floats.

Concentration ! Kevin and Dennis ....

We thank Eric Dunston for the use of their facilities.

Text Supplied by Kitty - Thanks !