Know your flying Neighbour - The Cape Vulture

Post date: 22-Apr-2014 05:58:56

These guys are close to us .... really close !

Many of you have experienced this and seen them when they come flying over so effortlessly.

And then we with the gliders think ...AAAHHH there's lift !

The Barry Porter Memorial Vulture Viewing Hide overlooks a 'vulture restaurant' on the site of a breeding colony of over 100 Cape Vultures. With a threatened global population of just 8,000* Cape Vultures, this is a very significant colony.

The hide gives you the opportunity to observe and photograph these majestic birds at close range.

Image by Doug Butcher

So SCARF please give these guys the space the require when they are flying so close to us , it sure is a majestic thing to see .

Please note this site is not open to the general public. TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

The vulture viewing hide is a conservation initiative of BirdLife Trogons Bird Club

The View from the hide , Vulture restaurant in the front ...

This site is NOT open to the general public, so your booking is for exclusive use of the hide for the day.

Visitors are escorted by BirdLife Trogons Bird Club volunteers, who will also take you to the cliff edge to watch and photograph the vultures as they soar along the ridge.

Should you want to view these birds (highly recommended) please make your booking at