a BIG Maiden !

Post date: 16-Nov-2010 14:04:56

Some pics of my new monster.

Maiden did not go so well, had a nice steady headwind with takeoff but the plane just popped into the air and I leveled it out to quick nose diving it.

Broke the carbon fiber prop, no other damage. The CG was to far back making it too sensitive.

Got another prop last week and flew it yesterday, the twin motor has awesome power and it is still running in, will lean it out after another few liters. It should hover at about half throttle.


2.7 m wing span

2.3 m length

111cc flat twin two stroke, turns a 27 x 10 (can turn a 28 x 10 down here) inch prop at about 6000rpm.

Will get a bit more once run in. 25kg static thrust.

Automatic advancing electronic ignition. With a smoke system.

Full on 15kg digitals with two on the rudder (30kg) and two on each wing half, power box with 2 x 2100mah LiFe batteries (redundancy), 2.4 Gig radio system.