Awesome Jets !

Post date: 07-Sep-2011 07:22:59

Now first of , I'm sure if you ask Dennis from Denkit that he can get similar for you , So please , for the sake of our hobby down here at the south coast rather support Denkit.

Check these (click) ... and frankly in my mind the price seems fair to good .

or alternatively read about this specific jet click here or to see more Jets and Options click here

2.4Ghz 12ch RC awesome detail!! MiG-29 3D Vector Thrust, twin 70mm EDF with great performance and Aerobatic capabilities with new high scale retract system.

Ready to fly(RTF) kits include 8ch Radio and Lipo battery

Plug n Play(PNP) kits include the plane and electrons, just without the Radio and Lipo battery.

The Mikoyan MiG-29 is a 4th-generation jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union for an air superiority role. Developed in the 1970s by the Mikoyan design bureau, it entered service with the Soviet Air Force in 1983, and remains in use by the Russian Air Force as well as in many other nations. The NATO name "Fulcrum" was unofficially used by Soviet pilots in service.The MiG-29, along with the Sukhoi Su-27, were developed to counter new American fighters such as the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon


*12 Channel Full Function Radio Controlled (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder, Retract, Thrust Vectoring, Airbrake Flaps, Cockpit Ejection, Brake Parachute Ejection, Smoke Actuate)

*Twin 70mm EDF

*Top of the line EDF jet in the market

*Scale night flight LED lights

*Dual 360 thrust vectoring nozzles

*Amazing alpha maneuvers!

*Cockpit ejection

*Functional Airbrake Flaps

*Landing brake parachute ejection

*Super scale, strong and durable threaded rotary shaft driven retract system (no more stripping servos)

*Electronic smoke system with dual colour smoke drop tanks

*Scale pilot


Wingspan: 1142mm

Length: 1514mm

Flying Weight: 2000g

Thrust: >2500g

Drive System: 2 x 2100KV Outrunner Brushless Motors

EDF Diameter: 2 x 70mm

Servo: 17X 9g high speed micro servos

Retract: Threaded rotary shaft driven

ESC: 2 x 50A Brushless speed controller w/ 5A BEC

Battery: 2 x 22.5V 6S 3600mAh 25C Li-Polymer