For Sale - Protech 33% Extra 330S, 1/3 scale ..

Post date: 25-Aug-2010 06:07:43

Wing Span – 2.49 m

Length – 2.15 m

Wing Area - 93.0 sq-dm

Weight - 11.5-13 kg

What you get :

· Aiframe with ZDZ 80cc motor. This motor got the punch of a 100cc. Personalized Red Bull Air Race decals. NO work needed on plane.

· The throttle and choke servo’s stay in, both is digital. Rest of the servo’s will be removed. You will need 8 servo’s.(High torque servos if you not going digital).

· Plane has a Sullivan Skywriter smoke system with a 500ml tank with a Lipo battery. Flow of smoke is controlled from your radio.

· Two heavy duty switches with charging sockets, two new 7V, 4500 Ah Mh batteries. Two packs are for redundancy, you can fly with one pack only.

· Battery for ignition, with switch.

Everything for R6000. Contact me