Full Size Plane Take off and Landing ..

Post date: 10-Aug-2012 08:26:47


Wait to Land PLS !

Video - Full size plane take off and landing ....

The landing created a bit of chaos , the Pilot did not not as per usual (standing agreement) "buzz" the airfield and just came in straight for a landing . By Buzzing we mean fly around or High and over to indicate landing , thereby give RC pilots time to land and move our "Less Expensive" planes out of the way , making it so much Safer for the real plane with real people in to land !

In the video , as it starts you will notice two people on the left , the RC pilot had just dumped his plane into the suger cane to get out of the way ! .... Listen to the comments at the end of video ....

We as the club is at the mercy of Sid for the use of the airfield , and for that we thank him.... but just a thought ...and take a look at this video (CLICK) just to be aware of the risk you put yourself in.... BE SAFE , GIVE US TIME TO GET OUT OF THE WAY , we really go into panic stations when the real thing approach to get out of the way ...!