Crash Announcement !!!

Post date: 09-Nov-2009 06:58:28

Plane : World Models Wing Jet EPDate 08/11/2009

Wing folded Mid Flight , Not too Steep Dive , It would seem this is a problem with this little EDF , Although mine was close to 2 years old ......Plane and parts left in Sugarcane , to difficult to get and spread over fairly large area .... :`(

See A review here and also what happened to this reviewer ...

REVIEWER'S First flight disaster!

The maiden flight of my Wing Jet EP did not go so well, after getting the CG correct and flying around, I did a full throttle pass out of a slight downward slope and the wings folded in mid air and both broke right at the end of the steel joiner. I talked to the people at Airborne models and they explained that they had a couple other reports of the same thing happening and that some of the first run had the grain of the spars running in the wrong direction. They informed me there were not many like this and they were going to make the change in the production and sent me a new wing. They also informed me that the model is so light and overpowered that I should not do any hard full power pull outs or turns. They instructed me to test the wing by holding it about halfway out of each panel and applying a 5 pound weight to the center, my new wing was of the same first run but held fine and I flew it in the video completely the way they sent it to me and it held up fine, but see below how I eventually beefed it up to make sure it would not happen again.

I removed the covering from the bottom of the wing and glued in sheer webs to the back of the spar. I also added some sheer webs to the front stringers and a .007 carbon strip to the spar on the bottom as seen in the pictures. This made the wing strong and I didn't see as much flex in it when applying the 5 pound weight when testing it as described above.