Sonar and Alware Landing Gear

Post date: 09-Nov-2012 06:07:23

So I've done some more things to HighUP ...

Alware Double Springs
Sonar on APM2
Sonar Choke
MaxSonar mount on 3DR
MaxSonar XL 1200EZ0

The Standard springs with the Alware Landing gear sucks ! I've added some extra springs ...In my mind this makes a huge difference ...less bounce now almost look like a shock absorber would look like , initial bounce then recovery ...MUCH better ...Just drilled another small hole while still using same hole on the other side ...Ok I eventually got the Maxsonar XL 1200 EZ0 with mounting bracket ...AC2 supports the MaxSonar line of sonars for low level altitude hold and in the future collision avoidance. Below 10 meters sonar is primarily used for altitude hold. Above 10 meters, the barometric sensor is used. GPS is not required for altitude hold. You will notice I only mount the bracket with one screw on each side only , however , under the screw I got rubber like double side tape , also double sided tape between Sonar and the bracket ...hopefully this will reduce vibrations to sonar ...Also mounting it this way moves it further away from other electronics ...(Read here)Nuts fastened with Locktite Choke that should help with electrical noise ...I hope ... I've placed the sonar on the back of HighUP , my GoPro needs to move forward so it will be in the way of the sonar ...Tests to follow ...