Damping Pivot Camera Mount

Post date: 19-Oct-2012 10:43:26

The damping pivot can move in two axes and designed for camera gimbal without stabilizer/servo control in mind. It includes a special mechanism filled with damping oil inside that can also play the role of a damper.

EDIT : 13/02/2013 I would not recommend this ...Am now moving to Jdrones Arducopter Gimbal ....

EDIT : 20/03/2013 I was recently ask WHY I would not recommend this ...See Bottom of this post then ..

Ordered one from Infinity Hobbies , first dealing with them ....Impress ! Shipping came down to less than two weeks from Taiwan ! WELL DONE !!! AWESOME ! etc etc etc ..

Order here


< Unit Loosely Assembled ... Still want to use Locktite and add some soft thin rubber on Swivel ...> Package , also bought one Silicone dampener to see how they look , expensive for such a small nothing thing , anyway will first try rubber dampening before I commit to three more ...


< Pivot Parts > Swivel ...


Done ...Now to mount and Test ...Again ...Later

Why not the Pivot ?

The Damping Pivot Camera Mount at the time seemed a good Idea due to the fact that I save RC channels on the system. After using it for some time I'm not impress.

The Damping is really not "damping" but more Oil resistance on a shaft , so to get the unit to move fast or slow enough you have to adjust the "tension" on the shaft ... Thus when it has not been used for some time it's sticky (yes I played around with different oils) , if it's colder it move slower , warm = faster .. so it's not always the same. Move it a lot (Like back and forth) it becomes loose(er) .

Nice piece of kit though ..but would not recommend it.

Have a JDrones Gimbal on Copter now , this seems to work better although it ads more complexity and weight. Oh also , just comparing this , the Pivot is big and needs a lot of clearance ...