While my laptop was send in I try to see how Paparazzi works with LogFiles ...


There are two log files created .data and a .log   .

These files are created as soon as you execute a flight session. It does NOT do so in Simulator .When you run simulator, it starts the "server" with -n, which means don't log anything ...
Remove the -n to get logs (CheBuzz)

The log file contains the flight plan, airframe file data , protocol and configuration data for ALL saved aircraft. Basically a large template for the .data file.

The .data file has "0" bytes until the GCS is populated by the data coming from the aircraft.

Once the GCS is populated the data file
logs data coming from the aircraft until the GCS is shut down. (GCS process)

If the data link to the aircraft is lost the file does not close and it will pick back up as soon as the link is reestablished.

What does all this mean? For one thing these log files can eat up loads of space. Remember each time that you execute a flight session fly or not two files are created. All of those ground tests to set up and test modems etc. are creating two files each session. (Joekadet ).

Want to Learn more about Linux --- Check out SCLUG --- South Coast Linux User Group 

Well this is all good and well but I wanted to see my flight path in Google !!

The WiKi is a bit cryptic about this ...."Data stored in log files can be plotted with the Plotter sw/logalizer/plot or launchable from the Paparazzi Center). This tool can plot data from different logs in the same window and data from the same log in different windows. It also offers to export the track as a KML file for Google Earth"

This is how you do it , in Paparazzi Center click on Tools , Log Plotter .

This will open the Log Plotter Application

Go to File and Open Log ,select the log file you want to read , your log files should be in yourdir/paparazzi/var/logs.

On the menu on the top next to File you wil now have a Curves Menu and the file you just added as a menu .

Select you Log File Menu .

Add what you would like to see , ex : GPS , alt and climb ...This will become available on the plotter screen.

Now get these on to Google Maps ....

Select your Log File MENU in the Log plotter Application .

Choose "Export KML path" and Save your File.

Next open Google maps , You need a Google Account , I use my Gmail account for Example.

In Google Maps Select " My Maps "

Then select " Create new Map"

Give your new map a name and Description

Click the "Import" text .

A window will open , Click browse and browse to where you have saved your file.

Select your file that you have saved , it must have a .kml format.

Then click upload from file and there you go , you flight path on Google ... COOL !!

You can now click on done and you will have a saved map . 

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