While my laptop was send in I try to see how Paparazzi will interface with Flight Gear ...

This is from the WIKI : ---

View the simulation in Flight Gear
To view the simulation in Flight Gear, do the following:
  • In Paparazzi Center, add to the simulator command the -fg option plus the IP address of the machine running flightgear:
.../sw/simulator/launchsitl -a MJ5 -fg -boot -norc

My bit ... add the part thats bold , so..start Paparazzi , go to Paparazzi
Center, Select your plane , make sure target is sim ,do clean ,do build , and
confirm session is Simulation then Execute. I assume you would later use
Flight USB-Maxstream 9600 etc to see real images when flying for real , for now I used Simulation ....
After Execute , "Stop" Simulator , click in text box of simulator and add the
bold section above.... then Click on "Redo" .... Paparazzi is ready ...now ..

Want to Learn more about Linux --- Check out SCLUG --- South Coast Linux User Group 
  • Launch Flight Gear with the following command:
fgfs --fdm=null --native-gui=socket,in,30,,5501,udp

My Bit ... yeah right and a novice will know how to do this !! Well I had a
Icon on my Desktop , so I right clicked on it went to properties and copied
above line into "Command" part of Icon properties .Or do this -
 /usr/games/fgfs --fdm=null --native-gui=socket,in,30,,5501,udp &
from the Terminal/Konsole ...

One thing I notice is that Flight Gear does not play nice with Compiz (Compiz
is the program that give you all the nice 3D effects , wobbly windows ,
tranparency etc) I disabled Compiz when I want to use Flight Gear ..

To disable , goto System menu > Preferences > Appearance > Visual effects and
select None to disable ...

My Flight gear was BLACK ! Darkness ...mmm well the WiKi had anwser for that ..
  • Get the Unix time during your local daylight hours by running the following command in your terminal:
date +%s
  • In the file: paparazzi3/sw/simulator/fg.c find the line(line 44):
msg.cur_time = 3213092700ul;//time(NULL);
  • Paste the output from "date +%s" in place of "3213092700"
  • Now you will have to rebuild paparazzi, so in the terminal change to the paparazzi3 directory and run:
"make clean"  
then do

Well this worked for me , now I want to change the Scenery next ...

Download Flight Gear Scenery .
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