FUN FLY – First Round – 11th May2014

posted 16 May 2014, 05:56 by Evert Bez   [ updated 16 May 2014, 06:03 ]
FunFly at SCARF

SCARF (South Coast Association of Radio Flyers) hosted the first round of the National Fun Fly for local flyers at our Flying Field in Oribi. It is a National event where different clubs in the country enter and fly the same maneuvers in the same month. They get scored and then the results get send up to Pretoria.

There are three rounds and the top 20 in South Africa will get invited to the National Fun Fly in October this year.

All our participants took part in the Sportsman’s Class over 45. There were six events and proved to be more difficult than thought.

Event 1: Aircraft must perform 1 loop, 1 x 360 horizontal turn and then 1 touch and go into the wind – as many as possible in 2 minutes. Dennis excelled here with his mini stick with 9, Mike very close with 8 and Jacques with 6.

Event 2:  Aircraft to climb for 15 seconds, perform 5 downward spins and land on runway. Nearest to 65 seconds the winner. Dennis and Jacques tied for first with each 1 second off target with Mike in 3rd with 73 seconds.

Event 3:  Aircraft to perform 1 loop, 2 horizontal eights, 3 cuban eights and 4 rolls and land into wind in the shortest time.Dennis only took 37 seconds to complete, with Jacques I in 2nd with 53 and Mike in 3rd with 55 seconds.

Event 4: One loop and two rolls. As many sequences as possible in one minute; Dennis completed 11 , Jacques 9 and Mike 8.

Event 5; Limbo passes in 2 minutes. Limbo passes under a line 2 metres high and 8 metres apart. Dennis completed 9, Mike 8 and Marius 7.

Event 6: Spot landing. Touching down as close as possible to 1 metre spot. A Cross wind made it quite difficult. Jacques landed the closest with 1.9m from the spot. Dennis with 3.5m and Bert with 4.5 m.



Lots of fun was had. Lewis Colman and Kitty Steenmans were the judges and we thank them for taking the time to the do judging.

No major damage happened. Lionel plane was damaged after event 1, but glued together and he was ready for the next manoeuvre.  

Dennis damaged his landing gear and had to do the last manoeuvre with his back up plane. What made it so interesting was the fact that electric and fuel powered planes  competed together. A strong cross wind made the last three events difficult.

Afterwards Jacques enthralled us with his quad copter. A few stayed to braai and a lovely morning was had. Everyone is looking forward to the next event in June/July