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It's Decided ! BumbleBee ST800

posted 16 Aug 2013, 01:05 by Evert Bez   [ updated 25 Sep 2013, 01:29 ]
GO BIG OR GO HOME !!!     Nope , go big and go what fits in your car ...!  I wanted a bigger copter after flying a 3DR quad for a Year now ... ( See Build Log here ) , I think I have enough experience now with flying copters , with the APM do and dont's that I should be able to handle a Large 'ish Hex.

So the requirements ... Large , Fit in Boot , Lift larger loads ...and if at all , Flying longer .
With the 3DR Quad I saw how adding a GoPro , FPV equipment can affect flying time , COG , Throttle settings in APM etc etc ... So above requirements is keeping these things in mind.

So what is there that will not make me broke ? 
Tarot FY680  , just that bit to small , For lift 3Cell/4Cell copters was not going to do  , I wanted 6 Cell ... So how about the Tarot T810 ?  Yes , nice , and it can fold up as well( so can the ST800) aahh  but the price ! That was moving towards being just too much ! This one also caught my eye , mainly due to it's unique twin arm configuration ,ATG-X6-700mm Dual Arm Carbon Fiber Frame
The twin arm , however , would mean less weight lifting capacity , also 6cells would be doable  , also I had someone confirming size is actually 780 end of arm to end of arm , but not really foldable.... In step HobbyLord's Bumblebee ST800...

820MM , thus large , 360KV motors with 15 inch props , YES , 360kv motors = lifting capacity ! and it can fold up ! Bonus ! The looks ... It is actually a fair looking Copter  , that is going on the pictures ...


If you want to see some nice photo’s of it , RC-Castle  got some good ones

ST800 Close Up

Here's a video from HobbyLord

HobbyLords ST 800

ST800 Cover

ST800 Engine mount

IT's DECIDED  ...and on its way.

RE HobbyLord - Impress  (Edit : 25/0922013 - not so anymore ! for a extra battery plate and hangers they want to charge me $63 dollars for shipping !! For items that can fit in a Envelope ! so ! beware the shipping cost from them ! Caveat emptor )