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Arived ! Fast Shipping HobbyLord/DHL

posted 19 Aug 2013, 23:12 by Evert Bez   [ updated 25 Sep 2013, 01:33 ]
So I waited three days before I got confirmation that package was on its way . Right , lets quickly discuss HOBBYLORD ? Yes and no , dealing with them is a bit like dealing with someone you don’t know and hopping they wont disappear. Now dealing with HobbyKING is like dealing with your Granddad , they there always and sometimes they might forget to give you something , like your granddad , you trust them ..kind off . Hobby Lord though,  does not give that feeling , HOWEVER , nothing went wrong and ST800 is here and YES I can recommend them.

The problem is small things, their domain name is so you would expect e-mail from ...yes , not so ! they have two accounts ....mmmmm .Then the proforma invoice , a bland non descriptive looking thing , no logo or any thing making it look legit , almost like it was made in Excel. So ja , Hobbylord is that distant Uncle I cant really trust but have to.

RE HobbyLord - Impress  (Edit : 25/0922013 - not so anymore ! for a extra battery plate and hangers they want to charge me $63 dollars for shipping !! For items that can fit in a Envelope ! so ! beware the shipping cost from them ! Caveat emptor )

To be fair , my dealing with them was good , I had GOOD communications , Orchid ,  and she did what she said in her mails. After waiting three days before I got tracking number I waited 4 more for DHL and package was here !!  ( AWESOME HobbyLord and DHL ) 12 to 19th August , this to RSA is VERY , VERY good.

ST800 BumbleBee - In the Box - SCARF

The box was well wrapped and no dents or any damage could be seen on it ...again DHL !

ST800 BumbleBee - Box Content

In the box , Fuse , 8 Arms ? , I assume 2 will be part of the landing gear , 6 Motors , these are impressively large , 6 propellers CW and CCW Carbon 15x5.5 , a piece of rubber , Yellow stickers , Fuse plastic cover , an assortment of small packages and a small CD.

ST800 Fuse - SCARf

Props - ST800 - 15x55

Props - ST800 - 15x55

ST800 BumbleBee - ARMS-SCARF
ST800 Motor - SCARF
ST800 Motor - SCARF
ST800 Motor - SCARF

SO ....Awaiting some stuff , but LET the BUILD BEGIN !