Right !!! I received the XBEE Pro 868 RF Modems from Chebuzz today , two weeks from UK to SA , I suppose not too bad !

As I said previously in the Paparazzi write up , I had a feeling I would need more things , So again the All in one TWOG kit from CheBuzz does not include everything ! Well almost though ... I needed a Serial (RS323) to Usb converter Cable (R199.00) which I got from a computer shop close to me . The problem with this cable is that Vista does not recognised it .. It shows up as "USB2.0-Ser!" in the Vista device manager section and not as Com ports . After some time looking for drivers I used this one (CH341SER.exe) and Vista detected the cable ....

Here is the XBEE 868

Sorry for dark image Left to right , Xbee Plugged into Ardafruit Breakout board , Xbee plugged in to "Receiver Unit" , Serial to USB cable , 9 V Battery and plug for it ..

Steps I taken to configure XBEE ..


I first Inserted the XBEE into the board with Serial connector (Basically the RF breakout board ) , the thing with the lights ... :~) You need to insert the XB with the proper antenna , put the antenna on also .This is your ground station receiver unit , but it has to be configured to be the coordinator/host before it will work. Connect the XBee with modem board to Serial to USB cable , Power up the board with 9V battery and plug unit into USB on Computer side. When it is done, install and run the XCTU software...(When you download make sure to get the Documentation pdf's and the how to's ) I went here for mine , you might have different XB , search the site ....

Want to Learn more about Linux --- Check out SCLUG --- South Coast Linux User Group

In XCTU, press the the Test/Query button to verify that it can communicate with the modem, then go to the Modem Configuration tab. Press Read to read the current configuration data from the XBee and verify that the Function Set drop down is set to the current XB that is in modem. Near the bottom of the list below you can change the Baud Rate which is currently set to 9600. Change it to 57600, then press Write to upload the the new configuration.

This will also change the telemetry data rate from 9600bps to 57600bps so if you want more and faster telemetry off your aircraft follow this:

Repeat the steps above for the other XBee module but make sure that Function Set is set to right unit , then put the first XBee module back in the USB adapter.

The above you can also read here Thanks to this description I got mine working .. !


There might be problems with the 868 units , I do hope it will not affect me too much ... I need the range that these units supply ... !!

Read Here about XBEE 868 10% duty Cycle problem.

This is all good and well , now its time to test ....

BTW I'm rethinking the fact that almost any one can do this , NO ! if you do not have more than average knowledge of PC's you going to have a hard time with Paparazzi .

DAMN !!! I knew it ! I NEED ANOTHER CABLE ! grrrr .... After trying to get the XBEE on to the Twog I realise I need a Cable from XBEE Breakout board to serial on Twog (picoblade). NO I'm making a plan .... Will see tonight if it works ! Going to try and use CDROM sound cables ....( 08/07/2009)

I made this cable last night , did not test it yet ....

Note the piece of plastic I put on the two CDRom plugs , I first sanded them to make sure the glue bonded proper ....

And this is where the build grinds to a halt .... My Laptop screen on the hinges is cracking , so I called the supplier today and WHOOO!!!! just in time , warranty expires 22 July ....in you go ...and no Paparazzi for a while .... ;(


Okay I'm Back ...sort off .... Cracks in Screen fixed BUT somehow hard drive was damage in transit !! Bliksem !!! << Afrikaans for being cross ,a soft swear word ;)

So I had to do everything again , XP (hate Vista) and then Ubuntu dual boot ... So Hopefully this coming weekend I can work on PPRZ again ... While Laptop was gone and I did not work on PPRZ, I started a LongEZ build , all depron , what a cute looking plane , got the plan in the RCM magazine ... So now for a while PPRZ will be a little less important...

I'm getting a ID144 error when two XBEE are suppose to talk to each other ...



DATE 07/07.2009

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