Regional Meeting Jan 2009

A KZN SAMAA regional committee meeting was held at the Assagay Hotel on Wednesday 21 January 2009 at 19h00. Herewith is the minutes of the meeting

Please note :as far as I'm aware SCARF had no representetive attending.

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  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting
    1. The minutes of the meeting held on 18 June 2008 were taken as read and accepted.
    2. Outstanding matters arising from the minutes of the meetings held on 12 march 2008 and 18 june 2008
      1. List of active clubs and list of paid up KZN SAMAA members
      2. Leon stated that he has tried to get this information from the SAMAA website to no avail and on approaching Bob Skinner, was advised that he did not have the necessary status to access this information. Bob Skinner then agreed to obtain the details requested on behalf of the KZN regional committee. The purpose for wanting this information was to approach the various clubs chairmen to advise them of the existence of the regional committee and for each of the KZN clubs to have representation at committee level for the region.
      3. Mark stated that he had managed to contact some of the coastal clubs but regrettably didn’t have this with him for the meeting. This information is to be forwarded to Leon in due course.
      4. Leon mentioned that Tony Stockwell, his contact at SAMAA had resigned and this position has been filled by Lofty Henning, who had been employed by SAMAA as regional coordinator for the past two months. Tony had advised that Lofty would be in touch with the chairman of the regional committee but to date Leon had no communication from him.
      5. Visit to regional clubs by member of the committee
      6. In response to the question of a KZN committee member visiting KZN clubs to show commitment to SAMAA, Leon stated that he had visited various clubs including Pietermaritzburg, Hilton, Dukuza, Cato Manor, Emoyeni and La Lucia Park Flyers.
      7. SAMAA administration
      8. With regard to the issues raised with regard to the administration at SAMAA, the general feeling of the meeting was that this was much improved since they had employed a second person to assist with the issue of certification cards, etc.
      9. Special Interest Group Representation
      10. With regard to having SIG representation on the KZN regional committee, a number of names were put forward in order for Leon to approach them with a view to joining the committee. Those identified include Mike Stark, Dennis Bird, Mark Savage, Neil Allan and Dirk Meyer. John Dorse and Mark Buckthorp are already committee members.
      11. Instructor Judges
      12. On the issue of instructor judges, Mike Stark, Alan Tammadge, Mark Savage were identified as instructor judges and it was suggested that this information should be communicated to all local clubs.
      13. SAMAA Rules and Regulations
      14. It was suggested at a previous meeting that SAMAA issue each club with a rules and regulations booklet. Leon mentioned that such a book was in the throes of being produced and this item would be discussed under separate heading.
      15. Transformation
      16. This item will be discussed at the meeting.
      17. Identification of Helicopter Instructors
      18. The meeting was advised that SMFC had arranged for two instructors to visit their club with a view to certifying helicopter instructors. Unfortunately only Michel Leusch had received this certification however a number of other helicopter pilots were awarded with solo certificates.
  2. Park fliers
    1. Leon had received an email from Brian Kruger, chairman of La Lucia Park Flyers, requesting that the KZN Regional Committee approach SAMAA head office with a view to changing the AUW weight of aircraft at park flyer sites from 1 kilogram to 2 kilograms, with 1.2 metre rotor diameter, to bring SAMAA rules in line with the La Lucia Park Flyer club suggestion.
      1. Leon mentioned park flyer sites had to be registered with SAMAA in order to be covered by SAMAA insurance and that all the rules and regulations that apply to the larger clubs apply similarly to the smaller flying sites.
      2. A concern was expressed that any incident receiving bad publicity would tarnish the whole of the model flying fraternity, regardless of the discipline in question. After much discussion it was agreed that the proposal would be forwarded to SAMAA head office on behalf of La Lucia Park Flyers, however it was felt that there were a number of issues that needed clarification regarding the field sizes in question, as well as park flying in general, before approaching SAMAA. Wayne agreed to let Leon have an email detailing the points he considered should be clarified.
      3. Leon asked the meeting to bear in mind that all the regional committee could do is put forward the proposal but that the decision would be that of SAMAA head office alone.
  3. Samaa proficiency recommendations
    1. Following discussion at the previous KZN Regional meetings, Leon sent a proposal to SAMAA of those recommendations arising out of the previous meetings. Keith Nicolls had responded and had advised that the proficiency booklet had been updated and that most of the recommendations put forward by KZN regional committee had in incorporated into this booklet, namely:
      • that only one test flight, and not two, would be flown by those pilots being tests for their solo and bronze certifications;
      • that the SAMAA “committee” would no longer recommend a proficiency certification be issued but that the SAMAA office would issue the certification, provided that the testing instructors and proficiency officers are legitimately qualified, are officers of their club and are SAMAA members of good standing;
      • that the proficiency test form to be amended to include information on the examiners and as well as the chairman or proficiency officer of the club (e.g., name, SAMAA No., proficiency , club position);
      • that the instructor of a student pilot be permitted to be one of that pilot’s test instructors;
      • that certifications and cards be issued by the central office only and not issued at club level.
    2. No changes were made to the helicopter Policies and Procedures Manual.
  4. Revised SAMAA operations and procedure manual
    1. The KZN committee stated their appreciation for the work and effort that had gone into the revision. Leon then took the meeting through the draft booklet sent to him by SAMAA, being the index of the SAMAA Operations Policies and Procedures Manual which will be published by SAMAA. The only point of contention here was that this was ratified in principle by the Association Members in April 2008, none of the KZN committee members having knowledge of this ratification. However, the content seemed reasonable and acceptable to the KZN committee.
  5. SAMAA regional association proposal
    1. The SAMAA Regional Association manual was dealt with in depth. What was gleaned from the regional association booklet was that it is the intention of SAMAA to hand over a number of its administration duties to the regions, including the collection of fees, administering the establishment of new clubs in those regions, the holding of a number of meetings as per SAMAA’s recommendations, to name a few. The definite consensus at the meeting was that the duty of a Regional Committee would be that of an information and advisory body reporting on that region to regional members and to SAMAA and that the regions would not get involved in any finances or administration. The reason for this decision is that KZN does not have a huge membership base and the handing over of finances and administration to the KZN region would result in duplication of responsibilities, added costs and confusion. It was also pointed out that SAMAA as a central body had the power to approach various organisations, such as Lotto, for funding and had all the principles in place for the efficient running of a controlling body. All that the KZN region required is an advisory voice, a well organised responsive SAMAA central office. No decentralisation of administration is required for the 500 or so KZN members, of which possibly 300 are active.
  6. Transformation
    1. Leon stated that SMFC had received a letter from SAMAA stating that the Transformation and Development Committee had identified three clubs in each area with the request that those clubs become involved in a transformation and development programme. SAMAA were prepared to sponsor such a representative with R1500 per month plus expenses in the promotion of aviation and model flying to disadvantaged groups. The members felt that the only way such a programme could work was through private schools and that one would have great difficulty in promoting this idea in the rural areas. This subject was discussed around the meeting and a number of suggestions were made, namely:
      • that John Dorse would approach the “man at Liberty Mall” with a view to finding out if he is interested in learning to fly. This gentleman was already a capable flyer and possibly had the potential of benefiting from such a transformation programme.
      • Contact details would be given to Leon for Trevor Williams from East Coast Radio. Trevor already has a number of transformation programme which he takes into the rural areas and it was believed he could advise on the viability of the SAMAA transformation programme in such areas.
      • Mark would approach the disadvantaged school in Umhlanga with a view to assess if there was any interest from the pupils at this school.
      • Leon to speak to Clive Gager at DMAC for his view of transformation as DMAC field was far more suitably placed for such a programme than SMFC which was situated between two major roads and had flying hour restrictions.
  7. Insurance
    1. Leon advised the meeting of the discussions at the Insurance Sub-Committee meeting, of which he is a committee member. It was stated that every attempt has been made by SAMAA to get insurance for its members, with great difficulty and only one company was prepared to cover SAMAA members in the event of an accident. Gross negligence or gross negligent acts would not be covered by the policy. There are other restrictions which apply in that cover would only be provided when flying from SAMAA registered fields under SAMAA and Civil Aviation regulations. The limit on any insurance payout is R15 million with a 1% excess applying. SAMAA were still under discussion on whether or not to assist members should the excess on a claim exceed R50,000.
      1. It was believed that model shops should become more involved in advising those customers purchasing aircraft to join a SAMAA recognized club, becoming a member of SAMAA and becoming aware of the insurance regulations in the event of an accident. Clubs should also make their members very aware of the repercussions of being involved in an accident and encourage those members to become proficient in their sport.
  8. Notice of next meeting
    1. The next meeting will be held during May 2009. The meeting will be the Annual General Meeting at which time the committee will be up for election. Date to be advised in due course.
      1. There being no further business the meeting was closed and the chairman thanked everyone for their attendance, particularly those who had travelled some distance to attend