DYS 3Axis Gimbal and BGC 2 Controller

Post date: 15-Jan-2014 10:18:46

Well it has been sometime since I updated here ... In the mean time , all kinds of successful tests was done and HeiST is officially a working Hex Copter ...

HeiST Aerial Photography - HighUP

Image - Just playing around with my camera , trying different effects ...

She can do way points , loiter ( very , very good at this !) , altitude hold , land herself and do return to launch ... AND FPV (First Person View) , basically looking through Fatshark goggles , using on board camera to get the view as seen by the copter , Very much still novice in this ...but truly a unique experience ...nearly fell backward when I looked up at one stage ... So now I'm sitting down when doing FPV !

HeiST Posturize - Aerial Photography - HighUP

Image above you can see The DYS 3Axis Gimbal , can handle Sony Nex or similar , The "similar" camera in this case is a Canon SX220 with CHDK...

Still waiting for 3 rd expansion board for 3rd axis. Rubber sponge at the top motor keeps it from moving around for now... Also notice FPV Camera at the top ...this track you head movement ...thus look left , camera moves left , look down , camera goes down ...

HeiST Airial Photography - HighUP

Image - Again just playing around with Camera on my Note II

If you wonder about the thing on the cover ...The Hex is called a ST800 - Bumblebee ...thus a Bumblebee bee was placed on the cover ... ;-) Maybe I should take that off , HeiST is becoming a heavy girl !

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HeiST BGC 2 Pirate 3rd expansion Board Connection
Heist - Aerial Photography - HighUP - DYS 3 Axis
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Heist Aerial Photography - HighUP Dys 3 axis gimbal
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HeiST - Aerial Photographt - DYS 3 Axis Gimbal - HighUP