ST800 Arms and ESC's

Post date: 04-Sep-2013 06:26:22

The nice pain job ! Soldering wires and connecting up the ESC's . btw , They are Opto ESC's , thus no BEC ...

The ESC's I got was these ones from MyRCMart RCX 40A-HV High Voltage (2-6S) OPTO ESC (G Series / Programed for Multicopter - SimonK Firmware) , since I have no way to tell if SimonK firmware is installed I must take their word for it , Shipping was quick enough so A+ to MyRCMart ...

rcx 40ahv high voltage 26s opto esc simonk firmware

Fortunately for me they come in Black heat Shrink , would had to redo them if the where in red.

I cut a small slot into the heat shrink to get to the Receiver wires and removed them. Re soldered a longer wire (Signal only) to run all the way through the arm carbon tubes ..mmmm now I wonder , would I actually need the + and - wires ... never worked with opto's before ...Will know soon enough when I must test motor direction.

MISTAKE !!! MISTAKE ..grrr , I need the + and - to go to the Ubec 5V to power the Opto's ...dammit !

The White wire is for the LED's that I will put on later ... And how difficult is it to get 12AWG silicone wire to wound around each other ! I used some electrical tape to keep them in shape ...would have liked a tighter wound but that wont happen with this wire !

ST800 Arms BumbleBee
ST 800 BumbleBee Arms

Arm Assembled (x6) , No LED wires in the two permanent (no Moveable) arms.

The ESC and Motor wires will be soldered up later , since I'm not using Bullet connectors I must do it right first time ...

Next Soldering them up with Power distribution board ...