HeiST Alive !

Post date: 19-Sep-2013 11:57:25

Well now ...first start up yesterday , All working ... YEAH !

HeiST Alive - ST800 BumbleBee

APM loaded with beta 3.1 RC1 .

How's that GPS !! , Getting Satellites indoor ! 4 of them . Still not upgraded to 1.9 ...will do still.

And yes , The GoodluckBuy Telemetry units work ! Just had to change transmission strength but nothing else ...

I love the way the propellers now spin up with the new firmware when arming ...you now know its armed. Just testing with 3Cell 5000mAh ...

WOW! on SimonK flashed ESC , Response is immediate ...saying that , warning to self ...watch that throttle when armed and props are spinning slowly, just a little movement and the rpm speed goes up , quickly !!

Measured Prop to prop end ...1200mm That's 1.2 meters !!

Did I mention ? Balancing these motors ...UGGGH , what a difficult thing to do ...a pain in the proverbial backside !!

None the less on the Vibrometer (Android App) I got between 1 and 3 on all ..adding balanced props was another issue !

It look like some props was balanced already with rough backs as if someone had sanded them down a bit ... and yes they where close to almost perfect . Just here and there a bit more work was needed.

But oh my word , adding them on the motors produce huge amounts of vibration ! I notice that if you rotate the props using the different mounting holes it was possible to actually get less vibration ..NOT GOOD or PERFECT but okay ...

So now I hope anti vibration mounting will do its thing ...sigh..

White wires you see on picture are now soldered up on to short LED strips (3 only Leds) and are ready to be connected to Step down regulator (as soon as it arrives) 22v to 12V.s and a reciever controlled on off switch (Turnigy Switch)

CANT FLY ! Awaiting charger for 6 Cells iCharger 308DUO (2*8S 30A 1300W) Dual Port

HeiST ST800 Bumblebee hexa copter