Assembling Fuse and Arms of the ST800

Post date: 04-Sep-2013 06:57:32

So last night I had too much energy and went crazy with the build ...

ST 800 Power Distrubition

All Soldered up , Also note two different red and black wires ..

Those are for UBEC 5V for APM and ESC's (I think) and the other one will be for a Step-Down Regulator 22.2V to 12V for the Gimbals motors.

Search Ebay for : DC/DC Buck Converter 4.5-35V to 1.25-30V 3A Low Ripple Step down Voltage Regulator or similar ...

Tested movement and the wires actually move very little , so all of this is should work fine.

Again the white wires are for the LED strips I plan on putting on the arms , the yellow and two thin blacks are for the ESC signal wire , still not sure if I would need the + and - wires also , hope not , cause she is more or less now assembled ... oh fun it would be to open up everything again ...sigh ..

MISTAKE !!! MISTAKE ..grrr , I need the + and - to go to the Ubec 5V to power the Opto's ...dammit ! Open it ALL up again !

Top plate fitting on to the bottom , Notice Blue Silicone damping mounts , those are for the APM , the are a bit stiff , but more vibration efforts coming , Range Video vibration mount and some Ear Buds , this worked well on my 3DR quad HighUP

ST800 Top Plate
ST800 Assembled Top Plate

Just check the Size of the motors compared to the 3DR Quad HighUP's , the motor to motor length is 870mm

3DR Quad Vs ST800
ST800 Look at you

Oh , I just thought of a name ...and keeping with the High names ...

SHE WILL BE CALLED HighST , as in heist

Web Definition .... To hold up ... But in my case , not too steal but to be High UP !

RE HobbyLord - Impress (Edit : 25/0922013 - not so anymore ! for a extra battery plate and hangers they want to charge me $63 dollars for shipping !! For items that can fit in a Envelope ! so ! beware the shipping cost from them ! Caveat emptor )