WOW ! Alt Hold and Loiter Works !

Post date: 15-Oct-2012 07:36:35

So Saturday I decided it's now or never ... Went to a open field and did my fist flight out of controlled area ( Not in Basement or back of my place I stay at)

The flight it self was good , really good , I'm still careful when pointing towards my self , need more flight sim time on that ....

Anyway time to test Alt_Hold ...and low and behold works , Pretty well , there was some wind but by and large HighUP stayed on the same altitude ...By this time I had some company , Two Traffic officers came to look ... Expecting the worst as we always do with them, they turned out just to be curious and quite friendly ...

I landed , Changed battery packs , set up Loiter in Flight mode and up she went .... Alt_Hold then Loiter ...My heart was in my throat ...and look , HighUP was just drifting hands ...The feeling at looking at this thing drifting there with no input from you is just so weird ! , the whole time your hands are ready to switch to stable and fly her back ...but no need ... BRILLIANT !!!!

PROOF ...In Loiter .... Good Signal strenght from 3DR radio's , but then I am Close ...No Sonar ...Next ...figure out how to get 6 Flight Modes on JR XG8 ... If you can assist ...Please contact me ...EDIT : No need Sold My radio for the much better and cheaper Turnigy 9X 20/03/201315 October 2012