Shipped - Sep 15 2012

Post date: 17-Sep-2012 06:50:49

Your order has shipped. (Order#: 2xxxxx placed on 08/31/2012)You can also track your package by visiting the following link:(link here)You may also use the preceding link to review your order details or print an invoiceThanks again for shopping at! Visit us anytime at !!! It's on it's way ...This pic was placed by 3DR on twitter ... One of them must have been mine !

Shipping is through FedEx ...Quick seems somethings wrong ... See Hold .. Payment .... sigh ... What's up ??

Update :Well called Fedx ....NASTY ! Customs added R775.08 import duty ...Bliksem ! Did not expect that ! So , RETHINK your Purchase ...This now place the price squarely in the same price I could have bought here for ...14% Vat + 10%Duties = So much for saving a few bucks..grrrr !