New Landing Gear

Post date: 20-Aug-2013 05:43:54

So after the demise of the AlWare landing gear HighUP needed new legs ...SO MANY OPTIONS and some at such ridiculous prices ! EBAY ! , yes I could get it slightly for less from Goodluck Buy web store but buying from them through Ebay give me that peace of mind that I could claim my money back . Don't know but places like Goodluck Buy and Banggood make me nervous although my dealings with them so far has all been good.

So order was placed and received 3 weeks later , Good on you Goodluck Buy ! a New set of ATG Universal DIY FPV ANTI-Vibration Multifunction Landing Skid Kit with PTZ for DJI F450 F550 Quadcopter Hexacopter was here and ready to be installed.

ATG landing Gear - SCARF

Package Arrived Brown Bubble wrap envelope ...Not sure I liked that , mine was actually ripped on the one side , too much potential to loose something ! Fortunately all was still there.

Close Up of ATG Mount on 3DR Quad

I drilled holes into mounting plate and used the existing holes in Fuse plate ...Yeah I know , not sure how strong the Nylon Standoffs will be , had rubber anti-vibration ones before and in the crash those ripped off , thinking these might work ...I HOPE

ATG-Landing Gear Assembled - Scarf

Mounted ,I notice a bit of movement in the mounting plate so I added the two black pieces of rubber pads next to the Nylon Standoffs , this looks like it works well because it kind-off give a anti shock effect and a little bit of movement for landing and takeoff .

ATG Landing Gear Mounted on 3DR Quad - SCARF
HighUP- ATG landing Gear - SCARF

So far so good , I like them , Must still build PTZ GoPro mount , must admit I don’t have much hope that it would be any good , but we will see ...

EDIT : PTZ build done , again not sure what quality this thing is going to be but really , I'm not expecting awesome stuff.

PTZ ATG landing Gear - SCARF
PTZ ATg landing Gear - SCARF